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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Gaycest

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Reviewed August 2021

30 days membership - $17.95 (Recurring)

90 days membership - $74.95 (Recurring)

180 days membership - $119.95 (Non-Recurring)


Gaycest was Launched in August 2019 and brings us a dedicated site focused on dad/son, uncle/nephew and all other types of gay incestuous relationships. The site owners have created a new space on the net for lovers of dad son role play to indulge their fantasies of hung daddies fucking their step sons and loading their cute holes with cum. So let's log in and see what it has to offer.

First things first, I was initially confused with this site as it has some very similar themes and scenes to another site called Family Dick. The similarity is due to the owner of this site being the original creator of Family Dick. He has since left that site and set up this new site. Some of the actors are the same, and even some of the scripts, however the scenes have been re filmed with different sets. 

Looking at the technical and navigation overview first, Gaycest has a simple layout with a straightforward menu telling us about the boys and the dads. The models are all well known performers, however with the site being new there are only 2 boys and 2 dads at the moment, however that number will increase as the site grows. In terms of usability I found no issues and the available scenes are laid out clearly on the main page. 

At the time of this review (August 2021) there were 56 scenes to choose from, but this is a relatively new site so for this review I’m more focused on the theme and the quality. There is no date on these scenes, but there is a new scene added every 2 weeks. The scenes that are already available are of a very good quality and can be streamed or dowloaded in a variety of qualities, including full HD. Each scene runs for 20 - 35 minutes. The video’s are accompanied by a set of between 20 and 30 photos that can be downloaded as a zip file. Download speeds are good and there are no restrictions or DRM in place, so once downloaded you can keep the scenes indefinitely. 

All the sex on Gaycest is bareback, so if you like to see raw fucking, dads breeding their boys and real cream pie scenes you will love this site. The guys seem to compliment each other and the scenes I have watched were well filmed and contained plenty of horny action. The movie that I liked the most is called Daddy’s little boy.


Cute son Austin who is wearing a cute little union suit can’t sleep so asks his dad if he can watch some late night TV with him. Mum has gone to bed and his dad is chilling out on the sofa in his vest and briefs. Austin snuggles up next to his dad, laying his head in dads lap. As Austin drifts off to sleep his dad gently strokes his body, rapidly resulting in his dick getting hard in his briefs.

Dad reaches round to his son’s tight ass and gently undoes the buttons to reveal his smooth, pink butt. As he stokes Austin ass dad pulls out his rock hard cock and starts slowly jerking, just inches from Austin’s face. To dad’s surprise his sleeping boy wakes up to see the huge cock in front of him. Austin glances up at his father and says “Dad, can I?” Austin takes his dads cock in his hand and then gently slides his mouth over the swollen cock head as his dad gently fingers his pink hole. 

Austin is gradually undressed as his horny dad rims his boy before gently sliding his cock in the boys virgin hole. Making sure his boy won’t wake anyone his dad covers his mouth to muffle the boys groans as dad pushes his full length inside. As the action gets faster dad is pounding away on his sons hole, lifting his smaller body into just the right position. He fucks him harder and deeper until he can hold back no more, shooting his cum deep inside Austins ass. As he pulls his cock out we get a great scene of dads cum dripping out his boys stretched hole.

I love this theme, and knowing what the site owner has done before I think Gaycest will be a big hit as it grows. The models are perfectly suited and the site really does explore the dad son role-play theme in detail. With raw action, breeding and horny scenarios Gaycest is certainly going to please anyone who likes this fetish. And with a launch price of just $17.95 I think its well worth getting in on the action!


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