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Updated March 2020


Growl Boys is a unique site in that it covers the fantasy world of furry sex and animal transformation. The site is based around the legendary "Book Of Changes" which centres on the divine semen of a race of god like beings known as The Thebans. Ancient legend tells that these gods would hunt out human boys to inseminate, once impregnated the boys begin to exhibit characteristics of creatures spanning the animal kingdom, thus becoming the Prometheans. So, how does this mythical tale translate into a gay porn site?


Well to start with I can dismiss the idea that this site is going to be about guys dressed as cute animals or the typical stereotype of furry costumes. The transformations and animal characteristics are provided by prosthetics and CGI, so we have moved this fetish and fantasy well and truly into the 21st century.


The site layout is pretty straight forward, with a top menu that gives you access to the content library and a detailed insight into the history of the Book Of Changes and the practices of the ancients. The library area gives access to the stories as well as biographies for the characters. The Thebans are the ancient gods often in the guise of mature men in positions of power and the Prometheans who are the young boys who have been impregnated leading them to become animal human hybrids hungry with lust and carnal desires.


The Site has a mix of content including the expected video and picture sets, all of which are available to download in a variety of qualities or to stream. In keeping with the fantasy topic the scenes are also accompanied by a series of exclusive storyboard comic type story boards. At the time of this review (September 2021) there were 41 scenes available. Each video lasts between 20 - 30 minutes and the photo set contains 10 - 20 pictures. I have to point out here that while the content is very high quality and a lot of thought put into the stories, the navigation on the site is very confusing. Once used to it you will find your way around, but you may need to take a bit of time to get used to things!

Moving on to the content, as I mentioned earlier there are two main groups of characters featured in the scenes.The more mature men in positions of power being the Thebans, and the Prometheans who are the younger boys. You may recognise some of the models from other sites (the site was created by the founder of Missionary Boys, although he now runs a new production venture). The models are well suited to their new roles, and in the scenes the chemistry and story lines gives a definite sense of fantasy and the primal desires of the characters.


In all scenes the sex is bareback, essential as insemination is central to the stories. The stories range in topic from the initial breeding and transformation of the boy, through to his growing relationship with the older Thebans. Regardless of the story the scenes are well filmed and the prosthetics and CGI used really stand out. I have to admit I was expecting something cheap, but was surprised to proven wrong by the excellent effects.


In the story Mid Semester Nights Dream we meet Mathew who is beginning his first year of college. He is a shy, small boy has yet to experience the pleasures of sex. We first of all get a brief introduction to Matthews fit and athletic roommate, who clearly has a hidden agenda (you can see more of this as you follow the story) After the introduction Matthew goes off to introduce himself to his mew tutor, Professor Houseman. The professor reveals himself to be a kind of satyr with small horns. He instantly spots Mathew as the type of boy he wants and enchants him. There follows a brilliant scene where the older professor fucks Mathew in his office, culminating in him inseminating his new prodigy.


As the series progresses we follow Mathews transformation into a half god half human Promethean. As his transformation progresses his animal features become stronger, and his desire for sex and carnal pleasure increases (enter the sexy room mate!) Needless to say he has entered into a strange world of sex and desire far greater than anything he may of dreamed of as a new freshman!


So, too sum up Growl Boys certainly delivers something new, exciting and definitely unique to the world of gay porn. As far as I know there is no other site around exploring this fetish. While I initially thought this would be a difficult review, I was actually surprisingly turned on by the concept and content. I don’t like the navigation of the site, and it would be nice to have more content, but knowing the people behind the site I am confident it will grow and be around for a long time. I would certainly urge you to take a look at Growl Boys, even if its a fetish you have never seen before, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!


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