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HarlemHookups is a pretty unique site all about real amateur interracial encounters. The site claims to be “a place that explores the taboos of sexual dominance and interracial sex”. The owner of the site says that "if you’re a black guy that likes big white dicks or a white guy that loves fucking black dudes, then this is the place for you”. So let's get inside this site and see if the action lives up to the promises.


Harlem Hookups has a modern and fresh look with a very visual layout. The menu is straightforward to use with links to the episodes and some bonus content called quickies. At the time of this review (December 2019) there were over 330 full length episodes and 57 quickies to choose from. While episodes are not dated the site does add a new episode every week. Videos are all full HD and all the scenes I watched were of a good quality. The content can only be streamed, so unfortunately no downloads available. The main episodes on the site run for 20 - 35 minutes, the bonus quickie scenes are as you would imagine, shorter 5 - 10 minute scenes. 


There are a few points to cover at this point. It is worth noting that unlike most other sites Harlem Hookups does not have any photographs to accompany the scenes. While this isn’t a huge issue I do like to see photographs as well as the movie. Each video does have a short description and names the models, however its a shame there isn’t any substantive info or biographies about the models.

Moving on to the action Harlem Hookups promised us 100% amateur and interracial action, and I have to say it delivers fully on this promise. The owner, Rogan is the main model on the site, appearing in many of the episodes. He is a good looking black guy in his mid 20’s with a fat meaty dick and an insatiable appetite for cock and spunk. The other guys on the site are all very keen to let Rogan service their cocks, get fucked by him or fuck his smooth bubble butt hard and raw. 


All the guys who feature on the site are genuine amateurs, some straight, some gay, but they are all very horny fuckers! These guys are picked up in bars, from Grinder or apply to the site. There is a great mix of guys from good looking jocks through too rough and horny rednecks and hipsters, regardless of the guy the action is very primal, with verbal, rough fucking and some added kinks including race play. The scenes are mostly filmed inside an apartment, but there are plenty of other locations including outdoors, in cars and even some in public places.


I have to say at this point one of the standout features of this site other than the horny content is the filming. Despite being an amateur site the scenes have a unique feel and the action is captured so well. One of the dangers of these type of sites is they feel a bit rough around the edges and the filming lets them down. Rogan has his own style of filming which is just perfect for the site. 


To sum up I was very impressed with this site. Harlem Hookups has carved out a unique niche in the world of gay porn, resulting in some of the hottest content I have seen for some time. The sex is passionate and animalistic with plenty of rough fucking, cock sucking and bareback breeding. The guys on the site are genuinely lost in the moment as they drain their balls in each other, or on each other. If you are looking for genuine hardcore action and interracial fucking Harlem Hookups has to be the best site around!


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