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Colby Chambers Fucks Mason Dean at Colby Knox

Colby Knox is with Colby Chambers who has finally talked Mason Dean into bottoming for him in a full blown scene! We're told he didn't have to twist his arm to hard thankfully. As anyone who has seen any of Mason Dean's previous work can attest, the man has one gorgeous ASS!!! The two are playful and fun as they get warmed up to one another, starting out with some oral- Mason gets a big mouthful of Colby's thick hard cock. Colby Chambers not looking to go unfed flips Mason over and starts feasting on his plump muscular butt. Colby takes his time licking and sucking Mason's hole, savoring the thought of plunging his throbbing dick into it. Colby gets so excited he delivers a very impressive cream pie half-way through the second position, but of course that never slows him down to much, continuing to plow away at Mason Ito a third position!

Colby Knox hot twinks fucking
Colby Knox hot twinks fucking
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