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Colby Chambers Fucks Troye Jacobs at Colby Knox

Colby Knox is with Colby Chambers this week and he finally gets his turn one on one with Troye Jacobs!! For those who are not familiar, Troye Jacobs is a super sexy twink newcomer who has made a huge splash in his short time in the industry. Boasting the full package, from a killer smile to a great cock and absolutely perfect ass!!! Colby aims to appreciate every last sexy detail during this scene, starting out laying Troye back and sucking his dick, and quickly moving on to feasting on his perfect hole. Colby Chambers starts to move on to the main course of the day, shoving his huge dick into that perfect, twitter famous asshole. Colby not completely satisfied with just one cumshot, pushes right on past it and blows a second equally impressive load all over the young newcomers eager face. Troye Jacobs takes the opportunity to perform directly for the viewer and likewise blows a beautiful gushing load.

Colby Knox hot twinks fucking
Colby Knox hot twinks fucking
uncut twink cock
Blond twink with big hard cock
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