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Dungeon jock hole at Young Bastards

Young Bastards sadistic Jock boy Tommy likes to teach other sporty young guys a good lesson. He's captured blond Robbie and brought him to his kinky dungeon lair, blindfolded and bound, unable to fight back as he shoves his pink uncut cock in his face. Robbie might not want to suck a cock but he doesn't have a choice, he's soon being face fucked and drinking all the precum leaking from that growing meat in his mouth. There's no doubt this is all about Tommy getting what he wants as he bends the boy over and shoves his big piece up that hot little hole, jabbing his raw cock in and out of his captive. Robbie knows he needs to comply if he wants to get his freedom back, submitting to a deeper fucking on his back and a drenching of cum.

Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex

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