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Fucked before bed at Japan Boyz

Japan Boyz latest scene has Kaito and Khan sharing a room, but neither boy can get too sleep. Kaito peers down at Khan from his top bunk. "Are you having problems sleeping too?" Kaito's idea to wear them out starts with him climbing down into Khan's bunk and making out with the horny stud. When Khan kneels on the bed with his woody poking out, Kaito knows what to do and springs into horny action. His action plan to get them both sleepy is kicking into a HIGH gear as they stand and Khan slides his swollen dick into Kaito's tight hole. Kaito groans with satisfaction as Khan pounds his butt from behind. Khan screws him back down to the bed and plows in while Kaito rides. It gets too hot to hold back, and Khan pulls out to spray a load onto Kaito's lean abs. Kaito puts his fist into beating action and milks out a juicy splatter that drips down his hard shaft. They kiss and settle in for a blissful sleep.

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