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Hooking up cute mates Reece and Connor at Bentley Race

Bentley Race has been waiting to get his cute mates Reece Anderson and Connor Peters together for a while, but he lock down in Australia put a hold on all the plans. When summer hit he got the guys over for a photo and video shoot. The boys get along really well, helping each other pick out clothes and sneaking a kiss between photos. Connor was super horny by the time they finished the photos so ben grabbed the video camera to catch Connor drilling his new mate on the bed. The fucking in this video is intense. You can see by the look on Reece's face that he only just handling the size of Connor's cock. I can't wait to shoot more scenes like this with Reece and Connor.

skinny twink
Hot Amateur guys jerk off at Bentley Race
Hot Amateur guys jerk off at Bentley Race

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