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Step son gets the punishment he needed at Bring Me A Boy

Over at Bring Me A Boy Alex is taking a nap on the couch after a long day at school, but he slept a little too long. Martin, his stepdad, comes into the living room and see's Alex sleeping. He begins to get angry and puts Alex over his lap for some old school discipline. Each slap on the ass comes with a sting of pleasure and pain for both of them. Martin tells Alex to take off his jeans so he can feel some skin on the palm of his hands. While spanking Alex, Martin takes the time to examine and tease his stepson's hole. He hasn't seen it in a while. Playing with it makes him so hard that he takes down his pants, pops his dick out, and pulls his boy towards his cock. Soon it's Martin's turn to please his boy as he takes his cock into his mouth before bending him over the couch and filling his ass with daddy dick!

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