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Tik Tok twinks fuck in the bathroom at French Twinks

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

French Twinks is relaxing with Bastien Leray in his bath when the young Mathis Weber bursts into the bathroom to present his new “Tik Tok” dance. Mathis wiggles around in a jock-strap under Bastien's naughty gaze. Needless to say Bastien's wants to take full advantage of his sexy buddy and the boys dance naked in the bathroom before begining to kiss passionately. Mathis is soon gobbling Bastien's thick cock, which he sucks greedily. It was then Bastien's turn to make Mathis moan with pleasure by eating his ass to prepare it gently for the passage of his fat cock. Bastien fucks Mathis vigorously and the young blond does not hold back his cries which echo in the bathroom. The roles then switch and the top becomes bottom, so it's now Mathis pounding Bastien's tight ass, moaning loudly and clenching his teeth. The two handsome twinks will end up cumming in each other's mouths.

French Twinks gay sex
French Twinks gay sex
French Twinks gay sex

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