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Gayonlyporn reviews are honest and independent based on a sites quality, originality, content and value for money. All the porn sites I review have been thoroughly checked out, and you will find examples of the content, a score and the costs of membership.


Men At Play


Everyone loves a guy in a suit, and if that guy just happens to be hot, most of our imaginations would be running wild! Well on Men At Play we no longer have just imagine. The site has been delivering some of the hottest models around having sex in suits, tuxedos and executive clothing since 2004. 

00000001 copy.jpg

Southern Strokes


Southern Strokes first arrived online in 2008 and had a focus on amateur bisexual, straight and gay guys from the southern USA. Over the years it has changed owners and had periods where it did not update, but recently it has once again sprung to life, so let's have a closer look and see what Southern Strokes has to offer.


Raw Fuck


Raw Fuck focuses on cute European twinks, and the central theme of this site is bareback fucking. This site promises us plenty of slim and smooth boys, raw fucking and lots of steamy scenes and cute boys taking those big raw cocks in their eager holes.


Butch Dixon


Butch Dixon is one of the many sites around that focuses on the more masculine men of porn. It promises us bearded bears, hairy men and well built muscle bears. The site is well established, but does it deliver on its promises and what can you expect when you join?


Black Godz


Black Godz is brought to us by the producers of Family Dick, Young Perps and Missionary Boys. Launched in 2019 this site has a focus on interracial guys and domination. The site explains the premise as chosen recruits must prove they are worth by submitting to a series of intense rituals. 




BadPuppy is one of the big beasts of gay porn having been one of the first gay porn sites online back in 1996. In the past 20+ years they have championed a huge variety of guys from smooth slender twinks, hunky jocks, average guys, daddies, and porn regulars, to be honest pretty much every type of guy is featured. 

miami boyz2.jpg

Miami Boyz


Miami Boyz is devoted to young Latin males aged 18 to 21. Most of the guys are straight or “gay for pay” and will appeal to anyone who love uncut cocks, young straight Latinos and golden tan skin! The site has been online since 1999 and is one of the first sites totally devoted to Latinos.


Broke Straight Boys


Broke Straight Boys is one of the oldest porn sites focusing on the gay for pay theme. Created in 2006 the site has almost 15 years worth of content and claims to be the biggest site focusing on this particular niche. There are many competitors in this crowded corner of the gay porn market.


Gay Law Office


Gay Law Office follows a group of wealthy Lawyers who have a dark secret and sexy young straight guys who have broke the law. The wealth and power of these horny lawyers means they can bend the law to get their clients off charges and have rich friends who will pay the legal fees, however this comes with a high price.


My FTM Crush


My FTM Crush is a new site bought to us by the producers of Jock Pussy and starring sexy trans twink Ari Koyote. My FTM Crush follows Ari as he hooks up with guys who have always wanted to fuck a trans dude. The site promises us hot action and horny guys, so let's have a closer look and see how this new site does.


Asian Male Massage


Asian Male Massage is an independent site focusing on cute Asian guys getting, and giving sensual naked massages. With a promise of sexy young guys and a focus on body contact and intimate full body contact this site sounds interesting, so let's see what this site has to offer.


Young Perps


Young Perps theme centres on cute young guys who are caught shoplifting and must face up to the consequences in the security office. Once detained the guys choices are to wait for the cops or service the horny detectives.


Latin Leche


Latin Leche was launched in early 2018 this site has a focus on Latin guys, specifically the ones who are short on money. The story revolves around the camera man, who posing as a documentary maker in Argentina befriends cute local guys. 


UK Naked Men


When reviewing porn sites they can often become a blur of familiarity, however I can honestly say when I came across UK Naked Men I was impressed from the outset with the hot men, well filed scenes and horny action.

boys fox.jpg

Boys Fox


Boys Fox has been around for a few years, and promises us cute young guys, eager to explore their sexuality, and each other! With a very slick intro page the site appears to have some of the freshest faced twinks around with plenty of great looking guys, smooth, slender bodies and uncut cocks. 

nasty daddy.jpg

Nasty Daddy


Nasty Daddy has been around for a while, but its fair to say it had a bit of a slow start. But the good news is March 2018 sees the site relaunched with a new look and additional content. Nasty Daddy is owned and run by prolific porn star Trenton Ducati, who also stars in some scenes.


Growl Boys


Growl Boys is a unique site in that it covers the fantasy world of furry sex and animal transformation. The site is based around the legendary "Book Of Changes" which centres on a race of god like beings know as The Thebans. These gods would hunt out human boys to inseminate and then convert them into human/animal hybrids.

lucas raunch.jpg

Lucas Raunch


Lucas Raunch is the kinky off shoot of Lucas Entertainment which was founded by legendary porn director Michael Lucas. While this site features many of the same models and shares the high quality standards of its big brother, this site takes us to a much darker place exploring all things sleazy!


Say Uncle


Say Uncle is an umbrella site that brings together the content from several well known taboo/faucest sites. With exclusive content, regular updates and horny taboo action this site promises to be a great resource for anyone into gay incest fantasies, so let's get inside and see what’s on offer.


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