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Reviewed July 2020

30 days membership - $59.95 (Recurring)

365 days membership - $349.00 (Non-Recurring)




Say Uncle is an umbrella site that brings together the content from several well known taboo/faucest sites. Family Dick, Brother Crush Young Perps, Missionary Boys, Dad Creep, Black Godz and Latin Leche are all available on this ever expanding site. With exclusive content, regular updates and horny taboo action this site promises to be a great resource for anyone into gay incest fantasies, so let's get inside and see what’s on offer.


Say Uncle has over 1000 exclusive videos from the various sites in the network and claims to update 14 times per week. This is true, however there are actually 7 updates from the actual network, which is very good, but the rest is bonus content from partner studios. Downloads come in a variety of sizes from full HD to smaller sizes that are perfect for mobile phones. The videos are DRM free, so one downloaded you can keep them indefinitely. Being a pretty new studio all the content is a great quality and we dont have the problem of older scenes being less crisp. Each episode also has a decent sized picture gallery that can be viewed on the site or downloaded.


As I mentioned this is an umbrella site for a network of 8 sites:


Missionary Boys has a theme that focuses on older and higher ranking bishops and presidents in a religious group  initiate and use the younger elders. These scenes are incredibly horny, and if your into dad & son type scenarios you are not going to be disappointed! 


Family Dick has a very explicit and in-indepth twist on dad/son fantasies and the topic of family incest with fathers, step fathers and uncles getting down to passionate sex with their sons, step sons and nephews.


Latin Leche has a focus on Latin guys, specifically the ones who are short on money. The story revolves around the camera man, who posing as a documentary maker in Buenos Aires, Argentina befriends cute local guys. He soon turns the conversations to sex and offers the guys money to jerk off or get fucked on camera. 

Black Godz is all about interracial guys and domination, the premise is that chosen recruits must prove they are worth by submitting to a series of intense rituals, proving themselves obedient to the Gods.


Brother Crush takes the family incest fetish towards the younger end of the spectrum with brothers, step brothers, cousins and dirty uncles getting down and dirty together.

Yes Father showcases all the dirty secrets the Catholic Church doesn't want you to see. For these young Catholic men, nothing is more important than making Father happy, and will do anything to please the priests they serve.

Dad Creep features more dirty dads trying to seduce their young stepsons. The older guys usually succeed in corrupting their younger relatives with very horny results!

Young Perps centres on cute younger guys who have got caught shoplifting and now must face up to the consequences in the store security office. Once detained by the store detectives the guys choices are to wait for the cops or service the horny store detectives.

The layout and usability is the first issue I have with this site, and with the network it is part of. The "Say Uncle" brand is like an umbrella platform for the content from all the sites the producers run. The idea is to give you access to all the networks content, however I found it very confusing and difficult to navigate. It is clumsy to use and I found it quite hard to get to the content I wanted. The main landing page, and all other sections are also very heavy in adverts and content from other producers, which is not what I expect to see when I have paid to see a specific site. 

So all in all its a review of two halves on this site. There is no doubt that the content produced by the studio is second to none. There are very few other studios who create such horny and high quality content covering these taboo areas. However the shine of this great content is dulled by the poor usability and dominating adverts, which to be honest I have never come across to this extent on any other site I have reviewed.

I also have to mention the the membership price, which while good value for money if you are a serial porn site member or want to join multiple sites from the network $60.00 per month or $350.00 per year is a hefty commitment for most surfers.

Any site review is obviously subjective, but having been around a while I have seen these sites grow from their launch over the past few years. In my opinion the changes to a network site was a backward step for the studio, and the previous set up of stand alone sites was more user friendly and focused on the individual content of each site. I'm pretty sure the site will evolve given time, and while the site does have many positives, for me I think there are a few too many problems before I would feel comfortable giving this site a fully positive review.


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