Florian Mraz and Mathew Dark fuck raw at Badpuppy

December 30, 2018

Badpuppy features Florian Mraz and Mathew Dark this week. Florian becons Mathew to come over to the bed. Mathew obliges, the two start kissing. Mathew removes his shirt as he pushes Florian back onto the bed. Florian flips Mathew over, pulls down his jeans and swallows Mathew's thick, engorged cock. As the two take off their jeans, Florian's dick is standing straight up and is absolutely rock-hard. Mathew goes down on Florian's cock while Florian pushes Mathew's head back and forth on his uncut dick. Florian's cock is lubed now and Mathew flips over on the bed, sticking his ass in the air. Florian fills Mathew's hole with his cock and begins pounding away at his tight hot ass. Still going at it hard and fast, Florian slides in behind Mathew and starts fucking even harder. Mathew begins jacking his cock faster as the pounding continues. His body tightens and he starts squirting a thick load of jizz onto the sheets. Florian pulls his cock out and coats Mathew's nuts and ass with a thick load of his hot cum.


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