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30 days membership - $12.00 (Recurring)

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Reviewed March 2020


Studio Lads was launched in 2018 and is dedicated to professional photographs of natural looking young guys. The site promises us ultra HD content and exclusive pictures of mostly English guys with uncut cocks and natural pubes posing in various states of undress and jerking off. So let's delve a bit deeper into this site see what’s on offer.


The site layout is very straight forward with a nice feel and easy to use menu. There are no complications added to the menu with just a section on updates, information about the site and a model application section for those exhibitionists among you. With the site being dedicated to photography there are no videos of the guys. I will emphasise that this site is not part of a bigger studio or a huge company. It is run by one passionate guy who does the photography and runs the site himself. 


As the site is still quite new content is limited, at the time of this review (May 2019) there are 22 models featured. In terms of updates, a new guy is added each month. For each update there is literally hundreds of pictured in the scene along with a series of clothed to naked animated pictures. These pictures can be viewed in a slide show or downloaded in a range of qualities in a zip file. For each of the guys there is also a nice biography explaining a bit about them and their stats. In total the site has well over 7000 pictures, which is pretty impressive. With membership from $6.00 per month, this site is competitively priced to reflect the fact it is still growing.

So, moving on to the guys. As mentioned the site focuses on amateur British guys, most of them are uncut and have full bushes of pubic hair. The guys are between 18 and 30 and there is a mix of ethnic backgrounds. It is also really refreshing to see a mix of body types from skinny and smooth guys through to some more average builds, hairier guys and a few buff muscled guys. 


The sets for each model all follow a similar pattern. The guys start out fully clothed and gradually loose their clothing down to their underwear. The guys tend to pose in a few different types of underwear or swimwear before getting totally naked. As the shoot progresses the guys go from limp cocked poses through to full on erections and in most cases the guys jerk off, shooting their loads. There are also a series of great comparison pictures for each scene. These show things like clothed/naked, soft/hard cock, foreskin forward and pulled back. In each stage of the shoot the photographs are incredibly detailed and really linger on the guys bodies, so if you like to see every inch of a hot guy, you will definitely appreciate the attention to detail.


Studio Lads is a bit different from the norm in that it has no videos, however if you are looking for a site that showcases guys in photograph form, Studio Lads does it very well. The models are well chosen and I love the fact this site has real amateurs who come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I think in some ways this is more erotic to see regular cute guys going from clothed to naked and then jerking off than some overly perfect porn star. The site sticks to a central topic of showcasing the guys and their bodies in detail. For me its always nice to see a site that sticks to a niche theme and does it well, so I would certainly recommend checking out Studio Lads. 


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