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Welcome to GayOnlyPorn

GayOnlyPorn was created back in 2009 as I found it so hard to find reliable, good quality gay porn sites. There were lots of listing sites around, but many just listed any old site regardless of the quality or its content. After many wasted hours finding mirror sites, pop up traps and poor quality sites I decided it was time to make my own gay porn directory with the following rules.


No more dead links - So many sites are not updated regularly leaving us wasting time on non-existent links. my listings are checked regularly to ensure the site is still current and worth keeping on GayOnlyPorn.


No poor quality sites - A site does not have to be big budget to feature on GayOnlyPorn, but it does have to have some good content and show some passion for the subject. No pop up traps or sites just duplicating content will ever be listed here. I always check sites before listing them, and if they don't come up to scratch I wont list them.


No Censorship of content - I think that everyone’s fetish should be listed and it isn’t a website's place to censor the net or pass judgement on people’s fetishes. Whatever the fetish I will list it as long as its legal and the site is of good quality.

How do I rate my listings?

On GayOnlyPorn I check and rate every site I list. I aim to only list the best quality sites on the web and will never list sites that are of poor quality, contain recycled content or represent poor value for money. My ratings are independent and we will never be influenced by anyone. Each site is rated on the below criteria to give an overall score for the site.

Content - I look at the actual make up of the site and rate the content you get when you sign. I am always aware that some smaller sites may not have the sheer volume of content that larger sites may be able to produce. With this in mind I try and take a balanced view of sites and look at the cost of sign up.


Quality - The sites I list need to have good content. I look at the quality of the pictures and the length of the movies. Again try and balance this score to the size of the site, its not just about who can afford the best camera. I take into account the standard of the filming or photography as well as the models used. For example do the models fit in with the claims of the site and does the action seem natural and erotic or are they just going through the motions?


usability & Appearance - How the site looks and works is an important part of your enjoyment. I look at how the site is laid out and how easy is it to navigate. Things like search functions and clear intuitive menus are all good features that I look for.


Originality - No matter what the fetish, theme or niche we look at how original the site is. The theme may not be for everyone, but I love to see a site that shows an interest in the topic and some passion from the producers.


Updates - Does the site update regularly or has it been neglected for months are important factors when deciding to join a site. I also look at whether updates are new material or recycled from old updates.

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Scoring criteria 2019 (3.3 points awarded per star in each category)

GayOnlyPorn has evolved quite a lot over the years as you can see below. From a one page site back in 2009, through various designs to the one I have today.



I hope you like the site I have created and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions Please get in touch


(owner of GayOnlyPorn)

gayonlyporn gay porn directry


gayonlyporn gay porn directry




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