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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Axel Abyss


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Reviewed March 2021

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For this review we are looking at a site that explores some darker kinks and fetishes. Axel Abyss is a French filmmaker and performer based in Tokyo, Japan. The site explains how Axel’s younger life and studies lead him to pornography, as his body grows and manifests his first sexual desires. While studying arts and focusing on cinematography in Paris, Axel takes his first fist at age 18, and never looks back. After relocating to Japan, he explores photography, using his obscene self as a model. Surprised, yet aroused by the warm reaction of hundreds of admirers on the Internet, he decides to share what he calls "his curse" with the world and Axle Abysse is born. So let's get inside and see what this site has to deliver.


The site look and layout is very modern and its nice to see a website with a different design to most other generic layouts. Despite the slightly more unique look, navigation is still familiar and its easy to navigate round the site. There is a main menu bar at the top and the content accessible by scenes, models and photos. There are also a few extra menu options including Video On Demand, shop and a section about Axel. There is also a section entitled manifesto. This is a really useful guide for those less familiar with Fisting, and includes information of safety, consent and hygiene. In the video section the content is clearly laid out and it is listed with the most recent content first, the gallery showcases Axles photography well with some very good quality and artistic shoots.


At the time of this review (March 2021) there are around 300 videos, all of which are good quality. As this site is relatively new (launched in 2017) the issue many sites have where older content is lower quality does not stand out as much. The movies are streaming only on the main site, however you can purchase some titles for download through the Video On Demand section. The content of the scenes is, as you would imagine very explicit and hardcore, however there is a definite experimental and artistic twist to some of the scenes which is refreshing to see. The site updates twice a month, and all the content is exclusive.


In terms of the guys, as you would expect Axel features heavily on the site and he stars in pretty much all of the scenes. You will also find other well known models into fisting and more extreme acts such as Pigboy Ruben and Yoshi Kawasaki. You will also find plenty of new faces, from younger jock types, right through to hairy muscle hunks and even a few FTM guys like Billy Vega and Cyd St Vincent. Each of the models has a nice biography page giving us a little insight into their desires and history.

Content wise, this isn’t a site for those who aren’t adventurous when it comes to kink, in fact this site probably delivers like no other when it comes to fisting and ass play. The content features hardcore ass play ranging from single fisting, double fisting, extreme ass toys and prolapse. There is everything from solo play with super sized dildos, body modification and extreme piercings right through to group fisting sessions. Unlike some other sites Axel Abyss isn’t a candy coated dabble into butt play, we are talking elbow deep, ass punching, squelching and sometimes brutal fisting sessions. Axel is also quite a lover of piss play, so if you like watersports there is also something for you. Its also worth noting that these guys really do seem to revel in the passion and intimacy of their horny sessions, there is never any sense of the scenes being staged or scripted, they genuinely are lost in the pleasure!


One of the scenes I watched featured Axel and his horny buddy Yoshi Kawasaki. Lockdown has been relaxed in Tokyo and both guys are long overdue some action. They head up to the balcony overlooking the city, (stopping half way up so Yoshi can eat Axels ass in view of everyone). Once on the balcony they immediately shed their street wear to expose their dirty, torn underwear and sweaty vests. It’s not long before Yoshi has Axel’s cock in his mouth, then bent over the balcony wall and fisting his hole. 


After Yoshi has given Axel’s hole a good workout with one fist, he then slides his other hand inside, and Axel’s face clearly switches to an expression of ecstasy. The guys soon flip roles and Yoshi is now on the receiving end as Axel fists him elbow deep causing him to push out a huge rosebud. Axel can’t help but get his tongue in on the action, licking and kissing Yoshi’s insides. The guys are getting close to the point of no return and the scene culminates in Axel standing over Yoshi and pissing on him as Yoshi jerks off and shoots his load over his toned and tattooed body. 


So, Axel Abyss is not going to be a site for everyone, the content is pretty niche and very hardcore. However if you do like more extreme forms of action this site will be right up your street. There is no holding back and the site really does deliver an exploration of Axel’s dark urges and his adventures with his equally horny buddies. The guys featured are refreshingly diverse and the site feels just as focused on the extreme lifestyle and needs of these horny pigs as it is with delivering super extreme action that you just won’t find on other sites. 


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