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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Black Godz


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Reviewed May 2020

30 days membership - $17.87 (Recurring)

180 days membership - $69.00 (Non-Recurring)

360 days membership - $95.87 (Non-Recurring)


Black Godz is brought to us by the producers of Family Dick, Young Perps and Missionary Boys. Launched in 2019 this site has a focus on interracial guys and domination. The site explains the premise as chosen recruits must prove they are worth by submitting to a series of intense rituals. Once a young man joins the brotherhood, there’s no turning back to their former lives. After enduring the traditional hazing and domination, proving themselves obedient to the Gods, they are absorbed into the fraternal order, where it will be their privilege to serve every big cock put in front of them forever and ever. So let's have a closer look and see what this site has to offer.


The layout and usability is the first issue I have with this site, and with the network it is part of. The "Say Uncle" brand is like an umbrella platform for the content from all the sites the producers run. The idea is to give you access to all the networks content, however I found it very confusing and difficult to navigate. It is clumsy to use and I found it quite hard to get to the Black Godz content. The main page is also very heavy in adverts and content from other producers, which is not what I expect to see when I have paid to see a specific site. My personal opinion is that having a dedicated site would be a much better approach and showcase the content appropriately. 


As I mentioned this is new site so at the time of this review (February 2020) there are 26 exclusive scenes available. Updates are being added weekly so this number is growing steadily. The content is well filmed and being a new site means that all the scenes are of the same good quality. All scenes are available to stream and download and a variety of quality options are available (1080HD, 720P, 640P & 360P). All the scenes have a photo and screencaps section that are available to downloadable as a zip file. The videos I watched were a good length, with each scene lasting 30-40 minutes.

Moving on to the content. If you like interracial action, black guys dominating black and white twinks and porn with an element of control, this site will tick all your boxes. All the scenes main characters are strong black guys, the leaders of the fictional society. These guys are definitely in control and their role is to initiate or use the younger recruits. There is plenty of verbal action, body worship and the young recruits being ordered around. All the content is bareback as well, so if you like to see submissive twinks getting their holes bred, this site has plenty to offer.


The scenes follow the characters through their journey, from recruitment to audit and initiation and, if they perform well to reward. One of the scenes I enjoyed was a guy called Penn receiving his reward. Penn is a nicely built jock who looks like he would be top, however he has been made to embrace his submissive side in order to serve his new masters. He wants to demonstrate how grateful he is for their guidance by worshipping his mentor Liams perfectly sculpted body. Penn follows every instruction he is given as he worships Liam’s body and cock. He then spreads his legs as Liam licks and slurps his tight asshole, getting it ready to fuck his boy. The Black God slides his massive cock into Liam and starts fucking him, all the time Penn is moaning and whimpering until Liam cums inside his hole. 

Overall this site gets a mixed review from me. The content is original, of good quality and explores a topic that no other site has delved into in any meaningful way. However I did find the layout and usability quite frustrating, combined with the excessive adverts and third party content I felt this detracted from the quality and originality of the sites own content. I would certainly urge you to take a look at Black Godz if interracial action and domination is your thing as the site has some very hot guys and even hotter scenes!


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