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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Boy For Sale

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Updated September 2021


As the title hints, BoyForSale promises to take us to a twilight world of Dom and Sub role play. In this world sexy young men who have a desire to serve willingly submit to dominant older men in a mock, black-market auction. Once purchased by these rich older men they consent to being used as voluntary sex slaves. So let's delve into this new site and see what is on offer.

As always let's cover the technical and navigation overview first. BoyForSale has a simple layout with a straightforward menu telling us about the boys and the men. The models are all well known performers, with two slim, smooth young submissive guys, Austin and Logan and three older, dominant masters, Legrand, Felix and Myles. The site has great background biographies on all the characters which really sets the scene for what is to come. At the moment all the scenes feature these characters and scenes develop around the sub/dom relationship (more about this later)


In terms of usability I found no issues and the available scenes are laid out clearly in series on the main page. At the time of this review (September 2021) there were 68 scenes to choose from. I am told by the producers the site updates twice monthly. The scenes that are already available are of a very good quality and can be streamed or dowloaded in a variety of qualities, including full HD. Each scene runs for 20 - 35 minutes. The video’s are accompanied by a set of between 20 and 30 photos that can be downloaded as a zip file. Download speeds are good and there are no restrictions or DRM in place, so once downloaded you can keep the scenes indefinitely.

Moving on to the action! As I said earlier this site is all about the twilight world of domination and submission, and the scenes certainly manage to convey this fantasy. The first scene starts with the ominous statement from one of the masters “Neglected and broken, we take them in. In return we ask for one thing, obedience”. Each following scene has a similar introduction, setting the scene for what is to come. With dark environments and sparse settings the scenes are well filmed and definitely convey a dark atmosphere that suits the storyline.


The storylines of the scenes vary depending on the boys progress to his role of subservient sex slave. All the sex on this site is bareback, which adds an extra dimension to the scenes. One scene that I particularly enjoyed featured Master Legrand and Austin. The scene tells the tale of Master Legrand looking for a boy to buy, and eventually settling on the perfectly presented Austin. The auctioneer shows off the boy, telling him how to pose, fondling him and probing his ass with his finger until the bid reaches the desired level and he ominously announces that bidding is closed. 


Once he secures his prize Legrand wastes no time in checking out his merchandise. Fondling the near naked boy and caressing his smooth body. As Legrand undresses he lightly spanks the boy with his belt as Austin lays back, waiting for orders and looking longingly at his new owner. With the rest of the men gone Legrand presents his ample cock to Austin who worships it dutifully, taking it deep into his tiny throat. With his cock now wet from the boys saliva Legrand slides deep in his boys ass. Austins training is working well as he services his new masters cock with his tight hole, and after a long and lingering session Legrand breeds his new boy with a huge sticky load. He allows Austin to come afterwards, while fucking his load deeper into his new toys ass!


I have to say I love this site! With a unique theme, high quality content and hot sex I am pretty sure this site will be a big hit. While the amount of content is still small, the site is new and I am sure it will grow well in the coming months. So if you have a kinky side and enjoy your porn to be a little more daring than the norm I think you will also love Boy For Sale!


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