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Updated March 2020

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Boynapped has been around for quite a few years, but it has recently undergone a bit of a revamp. For anyone not familiar with the site, here's a brief run down. Young and cute British guys are "kidnapped" by other equally cute and horny guys. Once captured they endure several depraved acts of punishment and abuse. Obviously this site isn't aimed at the usual twink market, so unless your looking for bondage, torture, fetishes and abuse you may want to move along.


The site has a nice simple layout and it is clear to see new updates and top rated scenes. The content is easy to find with listings by movie, model and an intuitive search function that allows you to look up a specific kink. This is an essential feature as the site now has over 500 movies, each accompanied by a set of high quality pictures. There are also 136 different models featured, so there can be no complaints about lack of variety! The quality of the content is very good on the whole although some older material is not as crisp. This is not an unexpected or unique issue but on the positive side its is clear to see how the newer content has improved in quality, the filming techniques, sets and general atmosphere.  

So do these youngsters deliver on the promise of hard action? The simple answer is yes. There is a huge variety of fetish action including piss, candle wax, mummification and bondage. But the guys don't just stick to the abuse of these boys with candles or cellophane. There are some great sex scenes with plenty of oral action and hard fucking as well as some extra large toys and the odd fisting!


Most of the scenes are one-on-one sessions, but there are several very hot threesome scenes. The guys featured are in the main young, slim and smooth twinks. If you have a special liking of the "Scally" type British lad, you will be in your element on this site as there are plenty of these bad boys dishing out and receiving the torture. There is one older model called Sebastian Kane who features in many of the scenes. While I prefer the scenes with younger guys, Sebastian's talent for using abusing these boys is impressive and if your kink is older daddies and younger guys these scenes will be right up your street!


So while boynapped may have been around for a few years, the site certainly has not stood still. The quality has improved consistently and today it delivers top quality fetish movies and pictures. The style of the filming is very good and it really focuses on every part of the action. Boynapped is also not shy about covering some unusual fetishes or pushing the boundaries, with fisting, piss and hardcore punishment. To my knowledge this has to be the only site that has such a devotion to the fetish of kidnap and abuse of younger guys, and as it has stuck to its core fetish and delivered it so well it gets a high score and unequivocal recommendation from me.


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