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Updated March 2020

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Not all guys are slim, smooth and look like they belong in a boy band, some guys have bigger builds, bulging bellies and big meaty asses. It does not mean they aren’t to be celebrated and admired in all their glory. Chubs & Cubs is one of the few sites that focuses on the chunkier, hairier and more rounded physiques. This site was created by the owner of SpunkWorthy, which is noted for the quality of the guys, filming and general hotness, so let's have a closer look at this site. 


The layout of the site is straight forward to navigate with a simple menu showing scenes, models and pictures. At the time of this review there were 121 individual scenes. The site features around 75 different guys. The film quality of all the content is generally very good with the scenes available to stream or download in HD quality. Most scenes are accompanied with a set of high quality photographs, usually between 20 and 30 pictures per set, these are available to download as a zip file. The site is quite simple, but perfectly functional and I would say don’t be put off by the lack of fancy scrolling, this site is about the guys, not web design.


So, moving onto the guys. I would categorise most of these guys as beefy and chunky. Some of the newer guys are more chubby, but as a rule the site features well built cubs. There is a mix of smooth and hairy guys, mostly in their mid to late 20’s. They certainly aren’t clean cut and there are plenty of tattoos, untrimmed bushes and a fair few piercings. Now obviously this site wont appeal to everyone, but if your looking for some guys with a bit of meat on their bones it offers a good selection of men. Most of the guys classify themselves as straight, but there are also a few who fall into the open minded category. As with the owners other site, its clear to tell these guys are true amateurs, and this does add a nice touch of authenticity to the overall feel of the scenes.

the scenes are have a mix of solo jerk off, helping hand and erotic massage. Some of the more adventurous guys plump for a blow job, mutual jack off or even full on sex with another guy. The scenes all have a nice introduction where we get to hear a bit about the guy, his background and why he has chosen to be on the site. Once the chat is over the guys get undressed for us and start to get down to action. Each scene is well filmed and the camera really focuses on the cock, body and face of the guys. There is no annoying background noise and you are really drawn into the scene with plenty of close up’s and good angles. Obviously each scene ends in a delicious cum shot which is captured from a variety of angles.


In conclusion this is a well constructed site that delivers high quality content in this under represented category. The filming and high quality videos show off these guys to their fullest. The models are well selected and there is a nice mix of guys to keep us entertained. Its often the case the sites catering to a smaller market neglect the quality, but Chubs and Cubs brings us a definite passion and high standard that sets the mark for other sites. The site may not have the hundreds of scenes we are used too these days, but It is growing every week and I always choose quality over quantity!


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