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Reviewed March 2020

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Colby Knox has been around for a few years. It is owned by former cam models, porn stars and real life couple Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox who also star in many of the scenes. The site aims to bring viewers professionally shot porn with real people, and promises us one-on-one sex, group sex, rough sex and sweet gay love making with real, passionate, and intense fucking. That’s a big promise, so lets have a look and see how the site delivers.


The site layout is very straightforward and uncluttered. The menu is as simple as videos, models and a section for live cam performances by Colby and Mickey. The site doesn’t have the usual bonus content that many sites choose to include, which to be honest I don’t mind as I think this is more of a gimmick than a real bonus. The main page is dedicated to the content and you can see all the videos, with previews straight away.


At the time of this review the site has over 300 individual scenes. All the content I checked was of a very high quality and the movies are viewable in the browser, or available to download. Older movies are available in 720p, but most of the content is available in a choice of qualities up to 1080 full HD. Download speed were fast and I encountered no technical issues. The movies vary in length with shorter scenes around 20 minutes, and some of the longer films up to 50 minutes. All the scenes have a detailed description and information about the scene, and members get to leave their feedback on the scenes. Most of the content is also accompanied by a set of high quality photos which are also available for download. The site updates weekly and members are notified in advance of a live scene.

Content wise the guys featured are mostly in their early to mid twenties, with a few older jocks in the mix. We’re generally looking at lean to athletic guys, plenty guys have tattoos and they are all great looking! I think its fair to say the guys fall in that rare category that many sites don’t use, just older and more rugged than a twink but not quite a jock, however you categorize the guys I think they have made some great choices! I’m sure you will recognize some of the guys as established porn starts in their own right, but there are also some genuine new faces.

Most of the scenes feature at least 2 guys fucking, sometimes this is Colby and Mickey, but there are plenty of other couples to choose from. Now if you like to see three and 4 guys getting down to action this site has plenty of group content, often another couple joining the site owners. Most of the sex scenes involve condoms, but there are some brilliant bareback sessions between Colby and Mickey (Mickey loves nothing better at the end of the day then spending quality time with his man by getting pumped full of cum!)


While the guys may be on the younger side, don’t think they are going to always be sweet and innocent. There are plenty of more kinky scenes with rough fucking, outdoor action, double penetration and some very hot superhero parodies!  A scene called My Hero is a prime example as Colby takes the role of superman and uses his superpowers to overpower Mickey who is working in a field. Before long Mickey is face down in the grass as Colby fucks his ass rough and bare. Colby shoots his load in Mickey’s ass and leaves him half naked, used and still hard on the ground where he jerks himself off alone.


Summing up I have been very impressed by this site. The content is well filmed, good quality and there is a nice mix of passionate sex and lustful harder fucking. The guys featured hit most of my buttons and are much more adventurous than your run of the mill jocks or twinks featured on most sites. Its very noticeable during the scenes that the guys are not just going through the motions, and I felt that there was real chemistry at play. The site also strikes a nice balance between keeping the owners in the action and showcasing plenty of other hot guys. So, if your looking for something fresh, genuine and a site that makes you believe the guys are really into the sex I would definitely recommend Colby Knox. And that big promise from earlier?......Totally nailed it guys!!


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