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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Czech Hunter


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Updated March 2020

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Amateur or gay for pay sites claiming to feature amateur guys aren't exactly rare on the internet. However many of these just don't deliver the goods and feature well known faces which for me spoils the whole point of this type of site. Czech Hunters is relatively new and claims to offer real Czech boys fresh from the streets of Prague. With a handful of cash and some careful persuasion our hunters manage to convince these broke boys to perform in front of the camera. So does this site genuinely deliver fresh Czech boys and true amateur porn?


The site looks good and from the start there is a wide range of cute European faces which instantly grabs your attention. The site layout is nothing unusual, its easy to navigate and presents the content well. There is no search function which is a shame as with any site like this there will be certain models that you want to see more of, however this was not a big issue.


There are over 420 movie scenes on the site and they are all filmed in HD quality, and new updates are added weekly so the site is growing at a good pace. The guy's offering the money in the films are also the guy's who feature in many of the films, while we rarely see their faces, their skills in front of and behind the camera are rather impressive! There are no pictures with the film clips, but to be fair the movies are the main draw on this site.

Each update follows a set pattern, with one of the guys approaching a lone guy, or in some cases couple of cute looking lads. Once in their sights the money comes out and the guys soon seem to become more flexible in their sexuality. Most of the scenes feature the Czech boys blowing off the guys or getting fucked by our hunters. There are also a few scenes with couples who have to fuck or suck each other off to get their payday.


The POV style of filming is very erotic and really sets this site apart from some of the lower quality sites around. There is a wide variety of locations, from hotel rooms and apartments to some very hot public places such as trains, alley ways and parks. Now I cant be sure if the guys are gay or straight, but what I can say is the site has a knack of featuring very cute boys so if your a fan of that Eastern European look you wont be disappointed. The scenes also have a certain feel that the guys being paid are are definitely in charge, they get these Czech boys to eat their cum and always fuck them bare back and the sex is pretty hot with the hunters making sure they get the most for their money!


In my opinion this site has really gone back to basics with the amateur genre. There are no frills, but the site presents high quality, well filmed content that features good looking amateur guys. The fact that they are paying these hard up boys for our pleasure as part of the story is a nice twist. The public scenes and varied locations gives this site a unique feel and is a huge improvement of the usual, and frankly  boring "jack the straight guy off on a sofa" theme. To sum up I really enjoyed this site and as it has grown it has only got better! The site has achieved a high rating from me, and it is one that it thoroughly deserves!


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