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Updated March 2020

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For this review we are off to Europe to have a look at the site French Twinks. The site has been around for some time and offers us a veritable feast of fresh faces, slim and smooth young French twinks. The site promises us ultra hot solo, duo, threesome, four-way action as well as a variety of fetishes such as medical, sex toys, double penetration and even fist fucking, so lets have a look and see how the site delivers on its promises.

The layout of the site is really nice with a very clear, clean and straightforward home page. The menu is simple, showing videos, models and full length movies. There is access to additional content from the bonus section which includes content from Helix Studios, Cocky Boys and Mormon Boyz, as well as behind the scenes footage. At the time of this review there were over 300 individual scenes, all of which include a high quality picture gallery with about 30 pics per gallery. The content is available to stream or download. It did stand out to me that the quality of the films was very good, and even the older scenes were very clear. There is also a movie section with a fair few full length movies. The site updates weekly with a new scene.

The site features a lot of very cute models, some will be recognisable to you, but most are exclusive to this site, and I can say I that I haven’t come across them on other sites. The guys features are pretty much exclusively slim, smooth and young looking 18 – 25 year old guys, although there are a handful of more jock type guys (Check out Doryann Marguet if you like hairy jocks!) I did like the fact that the site does stick to a certain type of twink, less toned and more skinny. For me this is perfect as I think many sites try and blur the line between a twink and a jock. As you would expect with the site featuring French guys, most of the models are uncut, and there are several guys who are pretty well hung!

Enough background, lets move on to the fucking! As I mentioned earlier the site promises a lot of variety in terms of the scenes, and it really delivers on this. There is everything from horny couples having regular sex, right through to some kinky sessions involving sex toys, medical fetish, light bondage, older guys with twinks, and even a few fisting scenes. I do have to emphasis how good the filming is on this site. Gone are the days of dodgy porn, this sites productions are more like high budget TV shows, exceptionally well designed, produced and they all have a real feel of quality. 


My favorite scene so far on the site features Doryann Marguete as a school teacher. The teacher confronts cocky student Jonathan Garnier in the hallways after he has been disrupting Doryann’s class. Trying to avoid punishment Jonathan tries to blackmail his teacher and threatens to reveal that his teacher is fucking students. Doryann is having none of this decides Jonathan needs to be put in his place! Doryann pulls the cute boy towards him and starts to kiss and undress him right in front of the lockers. Before long Jonathan is sucking his teachers hard cock before he gets his tight hole opened by the horny teachers fingers. Standing against the lockers Doryann fucks the ass of Jonathan hard and deep before pushing the boy to the floor to pound him even harder and deeper. Once ready to shoot Doryann cums all over Jonathans face, leaving him naked and used on the floor covered in his and his teachers cum.


So, I have to say that French Twinks is a brilliant site! The boys are cute, and actually what I consider to be real twinks. The site manages to bridge the gap between vanilla sex and fetish without going too extreme, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The production values are high and the filming really focuses on the sex. The guys certainly seem to enjoy the scenes and I’m pretty sure you wont be disappointed by the action, or the boys!


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