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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Fun Size Boys

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Reviewed August 2021

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On this review we are looking a brand new site, Fun Size Boys. This site is all about the size difference or microphilia if you need the technical term. The introduction explains that the site is focused on "Giant guys, tiny guys, and putting these two extremes together” This is a niche I haven’t come across before in a mainstream site, but with the promise of big guys manhandling small guys, and 100% bareback fucking I am very keen to check this new site out!

Looking at the technical and navigation overview first, Fun Size Boys has a simple layout with a straightforward menu telling us about the fun size boys and the kingsize men. The models are all well known performers, with three short and small built young submissive guys, Austin, Jonathan and Logan and two older tall and dominant men, Ryan and the ominously named Dr Wolf. The site has great background biographies on all the characters which really sets the scene for what is to come. At the moment all the scenes feature these characters and scenes develop around their ongoing relationship.

In terms of usability I found no issues and the available scenes are laid out clearly in series on the main page. At the time of this review (August 2021) there were 77 scenes to choose from. There is no date on these scenes, but there is a new scene added every 2 weeks. The scenes that are already available are of a very good quality and can be streamed or dowloaded in a variety of qualities, including full HD. Each scene runs for 20 - 35 minutes. The video’s are accompanied by a set of between 20 and 30 photos that can be downloaded as a zip file. Download speeds are good and there are no restrictions or DRM in place, so once downloaded you can keep the scenes indefinitely. 

Now it has to be said that wether you are into size differences or dad and son fantasy I think you will appreciate the content on this site. The taller and bigger guys are all daddy types in their late 30’s to 40’s. The smaller boys are all sexy twinks in their 20’s. Porn aficionados will recognise the models from other sites, and to be honest its a tried and tested mix of guys that works for me. The bottom boys are submissive and love being fucked, the tops are hung and love breeding boys…what more could you ask for?

The chemistry between the guys is obvious and although the guys have worked together on other sites this new theme adds a nice fresh twist to the stories. The video that really got me hooked was episode 1 of Dr Wolf’s office. 


Young Austin is seeing his doctor, the same one he has seen since he was a boy. Austin’s dad thought his boy might outgrow the need to see an endocrinologist, but at 18 he is still smaller than the other boys at 5’2”. Dr. Wolf is handsome, friendly, and standing at 6’6”, he towers roughly a foot and a half over Austin’s tiny body!

Austin’s hormones clearly had no problem developing as he constantly fantasises about the idea of being with someone older and much bigger than himself. As Austin undergoes his examination the doctor can’t help noticing the way the boy is looking at him. He realises the glances are mostly directed toward his concealed manhood. 

The doctor asks Austin to remove his clothes but is soon distracted by the exposed, small, young man who ends up with a rock hard erection, concealed in his underwear, making the signal clear that he’s aroused, and Dr. Wolf does not have the heart to say no. Dr Wolf fucks little Austin in his surgery, making the boy wince as he is ploughed by the Dr’s huge cock. As little Austin shoots his load on his smooth stomach, the Dr isn't far behind, cumming in the boys virgin ass.


I see a lot of sites doing this job, but I have to say this one has the potential to be a huge hit. The topic is very erotic, the content well filmed and the quality is excellent. Whether you have a particular love of the big/small fetish or like to see cute young guys dominated by bigger older daddies, this site has something to offer. While the amount of content is small at the moment, this is a brand new site (launched May 2019) so we will be bound to see more content and i'm wagering from what I have seen, some very hot scenes!


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