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Updated March 2020

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Gay Law Office is a new Czech site site bought to us by the producers of Raw Euro. Gay Law Office follows a group of wealthy Lawyers who have a dark secret and sexy young straight guys who have broke the law. The wealth and power of these horny lawyers means they can bend the law to get their clients off charges and have rich friends who will pay the legal fees, however this comes with a high price. As the young clients don’t have the money to pay, they must let themselves be used by the rich guys as payment. Let's have a closer look and see how this new site does.


The site layout is pretty standard, clean and simple, menus are limited and just show the episodes, a selection of classic porn movies and the other network site, Raw Euro (which members also get access too). As this is a new site content is limited to just 6 scenes at the time of this review (April 2019, however this will increase with time. At the moment the site appears to be adding a new episode every 2 weeks. The scenes can be streamed or downloaded without any restrictions. The scenes are well filmed and of a good quality, but at the moment there are no photos.


The scenes are well filmed and start out with a brief introduction from the lawny involved before we meet the client. In all the scenes I watched the sex was very horny, always bareback and had some nice rough fucking. As well as the rich benefactor and the young perp, the lawyer always joins in, so if like threesomes this site has some great episodes.

The lawyers and rich benefactors tend to be muscled or well build 30 something guys and the young criminals are all your typical sexy Eastern European smooth and slim twinks or jocks. Being a Czech site all the guys are uncut, so plenty for you foreskin lovers to enjoy! If you like your sex a bit rougher this site has some nice scenes where the reluctant guys are forced into the sex, and the older tops are definitely getting their moneys worth from the boys, using their virgin holes to the max!


Case number 3, featuring Rush & Jake is particularly hot. Jake can’t afford the 9000 Euros his layer wants in fees to keep him from prison so introduces him to wealthy friend who is willing to pay the fees. When Jake finds out the cost to him is being fucked by both the older guys, he says no as he has a girlfriend and is due to be married soon. 


His lawyer takes him to the bathroom to have a quiet chat about his options, realising Jake is not going to go for the deal his lawyer makes the choice for him, forcing the young lad to his knees and forcing his big cock down his throat. Realising he cant get out the situation he agrees to the terms. Before long our cute boy is naked and being fucked raw by the tops. He is forced to take their big uncut cocks in his mouth and ass until both tops blow their loads on his face and body.

So what did I think of the site? While Gay Law Office is still a small site it appears to be off to a great start. Hot guys, a nice twist on the gay for pay theme and steamy sex. The quality of the site is very good and I certainly think there is some hot stories to explore in this slightly kinkier take on amateur straight guys being used. If you like threesomes, bareback and horny tops using their bottom guys, I would definitely recommend you check Gay Law Office out.


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