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Reviewed March 2020




Guy Bone has been around since 2011 and promises us a new twist on the amateur gay porn sites that abound. The site claims to offer us genuine amateurs, unscripted action and natural no nonsense sex scenes from true average guys. So lets look beyond the tour and see if this site really does deliver something different.


The site has a nice layout and looks very modern. Simplicity is key to the navigation with a clear layout showing the guys, the scenes and the upcoming content. There is no clutter or bonus content, which is refreshing as I never think that delivers much value most of the time. All the pages are clean and crisp, with a good sizes movie player, model biographies, photo gallery and a very detailed and well written scene description. All the scenes are well filmed with a variety of camera angles, good close up shots and a clear focus on the guys. The quality of the streaming and downloaded content is very good and I was impressed at the speed of the streams. At the time of this review the site had over 300 scenes, all accompanied with a photo gallery of 30-40 stills. The images are downloadable but there is no zip file download, so you have to save them individually.


Guy Bone has an unusual membership option compared to the majority of sites. You can join the site for free (all members get 24 hours free streaming) and choose to buy individual scenes for $9.99, which can be downloaded or streamed for life. Or you can buy membership and have unlimited streaming of all the content and 50% discount on any downloads you wish to buy. I am in two minds about this membership model as I am used to joining a site, paying my monthly fee and being able to stream and download the content. I am not sure this pricing option would work for me, as I would have to be online to watch the scene or pay extra to download it. However with the way people are using the internet changing this model may be a more accessible option for people who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription or just want to see one particular guy or scene.


As mentioned earlier the guys featured on the site are genuine amateurs, I did spot a few faces I have seen on other sites, but I would not consider these to be mainstream porn stars. The mix of guys is one of the best I have seen in quite some time. The site has cute young twinks, slender and ripped jocks, through to hairy dad and type guys. Its also nice to see there isn’t a fixation on six packs and perfectly trimmed pubes, with plenty of average or stocky bodies and natural bushes. Whatever your ideal type there is bound to be a guy to push your buttons, and if you like bearded guys or scruffy looking guys, your going to be in your element!

Scene wise this site has dispensed with the often tedious pre sex interviews and each film gets straight into the action. There is plenty of variety with solo jerk off scenes, group action and toys. The bulk of the content is focused on couples and all the scenes I watched appeared to be bareback, which again is something I prefer and think adds to the eroticism of the scenes.


One of the scenes that I watched was particularly horny, and featured 2 sexy hairy guys, Roy Gardner and Stephen Heart. Both these guys are slim, dark haired and bearded with slim and have untrimmed body hair. The scene starts with Roy gently massaging Stephens back on the bed, before long the clothes have gone leaving the two guys in just their bulging underwear. Stephen works his tongue down Roy’s hairy body before taking his ample cock out his boxers and plunging it in his mouth. Steven eagerly takes Roy’s cut cock deeper and deeper as it swells, and you can certainly tell both guys are enjoying the scene as Roy groans in pleasure and tells Stephen to suck it.


Before long Roy moves on to Stephens lovely hairy ass and plunges his tongue deep between his fury butt cheeks, rimming his hole and sliding his finger inside. The passion builds and Roy lubes up and slides his rock hard cock inside Stephens begging hole. Slowly at first he pumps Stevens Ass as he moans in pleasure. Roy fucks Stephen harder and harder as Stephen begs for Roy to use his hole and fuck him harder. Stephen eventually shoots his impressive load over his face and hairy body. Roy takes a moment to savor his cum before sliding back in and unloads deep inside Stephens ass. Stephen begs him to leave his cock inside him until he is thoroughly bred, before the guys melt into each others exhausted bodies. 


So would I recommend Guy Bone? The answer has to be a resounding yes! Guy Bone does stand out as something different from the usual amateur sites. The models are genuinely the type of guy you would see on the street or pick up at a club, with varied ages, body shapes and sizes. There is something to appeal to most tastes, and I like that the site does not just feature clean cut pretty faces. The content is well filmed and the sex is particularly erotic, with a definite feel these guys are loving the sex and are really into each other. The billing options are unusual, but at the end of the day I think it gives surfers options, and that can only be a good thing. So my conclusion is that this site does stand out from the crowd, and actually surpasses the tour claims!


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