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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Hello Ladyboy


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Reviewed June 2020

30 days membership - $29.95 (Recurring)

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365 days membership - $119.95 (Non-Recurring)


This review is for anyone who likes sexy Thai ladyboys as I am looking at Hello Ladyboy. This site has a mission to find the hottest, sexiest and most-romantic mix of ladyboys from all over Thailand. So, geared up to film his experiences the western cameraman hooks up with a variety of these exotic beauties exploring their bodies and having erotic encounters with the horny girls. So, let's have a closer look at what this site has to offer.


First impressions are good, the site has a strong visual layout and clear menu taking you to information about the site, recent updates, scenes by category and biographies of the models. Once inside the members area the navigation is still very straightforward and easy to use. Its worth noting that the visual theme changes once logged in and there is a more feminine colour theme, I’m not sure if this is as clear in terms of showcasing the content, but that is more my personal feeling. Navigation is straightforward and there were no major issues, however I did find a few of the functions worked better on a desktop than mobile or tablet and the right hand side menu looked a little bare.


At the time of this review (June 2020) there were over 300 scenes to choose from and the site updates twice a month. The scenes seem to have three main themes, intro's which are short teasers for the girls. Date's, which are more sensual photo shoots of the girls posing and undressing. Finally there are the romance scenes where the girls get fully naked and masturbate or have sex with our mysterious western cameraman.


Each video is accompanied by a large set of photographs, however content on the site is streaming only so it isn’t possible to download the content. All the scenes I watched were filmed to a very high quality and while we don’t get to see the face of the camera man, we do get to see his point of view as he is getting sucked off, masturbating or fucking the girls. The scenes also have plenty of lingering shots of the girls bodies which are really great. For each scene there is chance for other members to comment on the movie, and its clear the site has a healthy community of followers.

Moving on to the content, the first thing I really liked about this site was the obvious passion the camera man has for the girls. This site isn’t about “porn actors”, these girls are genuine ladyboys who live their lives in Thailand, but also enjoy sex. There is no elaborate story lines, fake sets or the feeling that scenes are being acted out, in fact from the way the girls and the guy are talking there is definite admiration and attraction. This makes all the difference when you compare this site to many similar sites featuring trans and ladyboy content. 


The site has around 80 exclusive girls to choose from, all are all slim, smooth and petite in build, with natural looking soft breasts. Some of the girls have small shaved cocks, others larger and hairy cocks, so plenty of variety. Pretty much all the girls are in their 20’s and seem very eager to enjoy a passionate filmed session with the guy. For each girl there is a short biography and link to her scenes, so its easy to follow your favourite models. As I mentioned earlier some scenes are a mix of full on fucking (a mix of condom and bareback, but no creampie) where the hung white guy fucks the girls. There are also some great oral sessions where the girls end up with their faces covered in cum, and some nice mutual jerk off clips.


One of the girls who is popular on the site who caught my eye is called Wine, and she features in several very hot scenes. Wine is a very feminine and slim 20 year old with perfect breasts, shapely ass, a small 3” shaved cock and a very tempting smile. Wine loves working the camera and certainly isn’t shy about getting naked. In all her scenes Wine shows off her talents and there are some memorable scenes where she sucks the guy off passionately before letting him fuck her. Wine seems to genuinely enjoy riding the camera man's a big white cock, and its very horny to watch her jerking off and cumming while being fucked. 


So, in conclusion this is a great site. If you like asian ladyboys I think you will struggle to find a better showcase for these sexy girls. The site does not feature “porn actors” or the usual overly glamorized girls, but real attractive and humble girls who just enjoy living life as females and having sex with guys. The content is well filmed and each scene really does have a feeling of romance and passion. I would certainly say if ladyboys are your weakness, or even if you are just curious about this kind of porn, this site should be the first you visit!


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