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Updated March 2020

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Foot fetish sites are pretty easy to find on the net, however the quality of the sites can vary quite substantially. Many offer only a passing nod to the fetish to focus on more main stream content. When Male Feet 4 U asked me to review the site I was quite excited as this site has always appeared to be the real deal. It is worth noting that the site was developed by William Higgins who is a highly regarded gay porn director who has been creating high quality gay porn since the late 70’s. So lets have a look and see if this site delivers what it promises.


The site itself is clean and easy to navigate with a simple menu of content and good sized previews of the content. The amount of content is one of the best features of this site, at the time of review there are over 1400 videos and 1800 photo sets. All the scenes are very good quality and pictures and video can either be viewed in the site or downloaded.


Now obviously a site with this much content has been going for a while, so older content isn’t as good as new scenes. However a novel option is that the producers will re-master scenes for a small charge. The site will also develop dream scenes, so if you have a hot foot related fantasy you would like to see acted out, just let them know and they will try and satisfy your desires. The site also updates at an impressive rate, adding several new scenes every week.

Moving on to the important bit now, the guys! The site features a wide range of 18- mid twenty year old's. All the models are Eastern European so you can be sure of plenty of handsome guys. Most of the guys are smooth, slim and clean cut, however there are a few more muscular and scruffy guys. Most of the scenes feature 1 solo model, but there are a few couples and I found 1 nice group scene. I have to add that in my reviews I will usually select a particular scene or model to make my point, however I can genuinely say the this site has so many hot guys I couldn’t single one out!


The content is all very well filmed and the scenes really do focus on the guys feet. Most scenes have plenty of lingering shots of the guys caressing their feet, sucking their toes and generally enjoying their fetish, which is the whole point of a foot fetish site. Its worth pointing out that this site is all about the feet, so while there are plenty of naked guys and hard cocks don’t expect to see full nudity in every scene.


In conclusion it seems that several decades after his debut William hasn’t lost his touch!  Male Feet 4 U is a true fetish site that not only sticks to its core topic but is a celebration of the male foot. The content is high quality, the guys are hot and I cant think of many other sites that produce such good foot fetish content. The site offers fantastic value for money, and I am sure that if you choose this site you wont be disappointed!


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