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Reviewed March 2020

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Today I am taking a look at Missionary Boys (Formerly Mormon Boyz). This site has been around for a few years, but recently the amount of content and the profile of the site has increased. This is one of those sites that has been on my radar since it was launched as it occupies a seemingly unique niche. The site revolves around a group of young and attractive Mormon missionaries and their more mature elders, But there is nothing pure or innocent about these guys!


The Missionary Boys website its self is pretty straightforward, there are no bells and whistles, which is fine. You can check out all the boys and the men easily, although you do have to scroll through the scenes to see all the content so some form of search or category would be handy. This isn’t a massive issue at the moment, but as the site gets bigger it may be helpful. At present there are just over 550 movie scenes, each accompanied by a comprehensive picture gallery. The site updates weekly (Friday). The movies themselves can be streamed or downloaded in a variety of formats and quality. 

On to the men and the action! Missionary Boys has an overall trend of focusing on how the older and higher ranking bishops and presidents initiate and use the younger elders. These scenes are incredibly horny, and if your into dad & son type scenarios you are not going to be disappointed! There are also plenty of scenes with the younger guys getting horny with each other, again these are very hot scenes that rival any big budget studios content.


The guys featured fit the stereotype of their characters perfectly. The older guys are lean, hairy and have an air of authority about them. The younger guys are slim, smooth and appear quite shy, definitely not the appearance of professional porn actors. Most of the content is Older guy fucking younger guy. But there are some group scenes, jerk off, oral and younger on younger sessions. All the content is bareback, which for me adds to the atmosphere of the scenarios.


I will emphasise that the content of Missionary Boys really stands out in terms of its eroticism. Every scene has a feeling of sexual tension. Whether its the younger guys tentatively trying to hit on each other for the first time in the privacy of their room, or the older guys exploring the smooth naked bodies of their young followers. Each scene builds up slowly to some of the best fucking, sucking and jerk off scenes I have seen.


In summary, Missionary Boys is a fantastic site! I’m not sure that everyone would take the time to investigate the content based on the title, but please go have a look. The site delivers exclusive content that is well thought through and incredibly horny. As I said earlier if you like to see older guys enjoying younger guys, this site will blow you away, but equally if you like to see naturally handsome guys having passionate sex you wont be disappointed! 


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