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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Mr Man


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Updated March 2020


We have all had a crush on a celebrity at some time in our lives and I guess most of us have longed for those rare glimpses of that favourite film or TV star in the buff. However these fantasies rarely come true, and with so many so called “celebrity sites” passing off badly photo shopped fakes its hard to know which site will deliver a little guilty pleasure. When I was given the chance to review Mr Man I was excited and hopeful that this site may hold some real scenes, unlike so many other sites I have come across……Well, I wasn't disappointed!


The site is a reasonably new offshoot from Mr Skin which has been diligently cataloging naked celebs since 1999. Mr Man has built on this success to only list all our favorite males. The site has a nice clean look and distinctive branding, which always makes me feel like there is something worthwhile inside. It is a very nice to use site, with a great search function and easy to use interface. This is important as the site has literally thousands of pictures and clips of almost all the TV stars, Pop stars, Movie stars I could think of.

If your looking for cheeky glimpses of your favorite crush, right through to full on sex scenes from little known movies Mr Man has a pretty comprehensive selection from everyone who checked out. There are also some very graphic scenes from little known movies which certainly made my day, not to mention getting me rock hard! (check out the amazing cum shot of Kieran O'Brien)


Mr Man really does deliver a stunning amount of well cataloged content and saves many hours of searching the net and wading through disappointing sites. It really does fast forward to the good bits, with a few clicks you will find exactly who and what your looking for…..You may even find a few unexpected surprises!


To sum up, if your looking for your favorite nude celebrity you really don't want to waste your time with many of the other sites out there. Mr Man delivers exactly what your looking for, with style and in great quality scenes. This site is top of my list in this category and I would be very surprised if anyone can knock it off this top spot for a very long time!


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