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Updated March 2020

30 days membership - $30.00 (Recurring)

90 days membership - $60.00 (Non-Recurring)

365 days membership - $150.00 (Non-Recurring)


Nasty Daddy has been around for a while, but its fair to say it had a bit of a slow start. But the good news is March 2018 sees the site relaunched with a new look and additional content. Nasty Daddy is owned and run by prolific porn star Trenton Ducati, who also stars in several of the scenes. The theme of the site is Muscle bears, hot daddies, the men who admire them getting down to raw sex, so expect plenty of hardcore action and breeding!

The site has a big and bold look, and navigation is pretty straight forward with top menu that lets you select content by film, pictures or model, you can also choose scenes from specific DVD's. In terms of content, at the time of this review (April 2018) there were 57 film scenes and 49 photo sets. Each film scene runs for 15 - 20 minutes and the photo files have between 20 and 70 pictures. At the moment content has no dates, so its hard to judge the update schedule. I have spoken with the site producers and the plan is for new scenes to be added every 2 weeks, so the site should grow steadily going forward.


The content on Nasty Daddy is only available to stream on the basic monthly subscription. If you want to download content you will need to buy additional tokens (each scene costs 5 tokens). Tokens can also be bought separately if your not keen on signing up for a subscription. This is different from the norm, but with the way people are using the internet changing this model may be a more accessible option for people who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription or just want to see one particular guy or scene.

The content on the site however is pretty horny and focuses on the more mature guys either having sex together, or with younger jock type guys. Most of the models are well established porn stars in their 30's, 40's and some of the older daddies in their 50's. You will find plenty of familiar faces such as Trenton Ducati himself, Adam Killan, Jack Hunter and Max Sargent to name a few. There are some younger faces too, with a fair few jock type guys in their twenties.


The sex is no candy coated affair, so if you like to see hard fucking, cum swapping and rough sex, your going to like pretty much all the scenes. There is plenty of verbal throughout the scenes and the action is focused on the dominant older guy using the submissive younger guys to satisfy their needs. All the content is bareback, and there are plenty of breeding scenes. Most of the films feature either an older and younger guy or two older guys together, but there are also a few solo films featuring guys jerking off or using dildos.

Its a generally positive conclusion for me on this review. The site has some great stories and the theme of the movies are very hot. It delivers hardcore action that is spot on if your looking for porn that features real men and skips the candy coating of many sites. It definitely hits the mark on the mix of guys, with plenty hot and dominant men and younger submissive jocks. 


There are a few minor points I need to point out. The quality of the older films isn't as good as newer content and the site does need to add more content, but that will come in time with regular updates. The membership options are a little different to other sites, but I guess this gives choice if you don't want a monthly commitment. I think this site does have excellent potential, and it has the foundations of something quite unique. Hopefully it will develop as it becomes more established. But, the ultimate decisions are down to you guys, so go have a look at Nasty daddy and see what you think.


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