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Updated March 2020

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Next Door Raw is one of several offshoots from the successful Next Door series of websites. The site launched in 2016, and as the name suggests this particular site focuses exclusively on bareback action and promises us the hottest amateur jocks in gay breeding videos and raw bareback porn. So lets see if this site brings us the horny and raw content it promises.


The site layout is simple to navigate and I really like the look as everything is well displayed and easy to find. Everything you need to find is along the top menu and you can select content by scenes or models and choose between photo’s or videos. The site now has over 200 scenes to choose from, each accompanied by a photo gallery. The videos run from between 25 minutes right up to longer scenes of over an hour. This is pretty cool considering most sites videos are much shorter. Its also pretty obvious how high quality the filming is and you wont be getting any low quality or grainy scenes on this site as all content is HD, even the older scenes.


The galleries contain up to 100 high quality photos which can be viewed individually or via slide show, pictures are also downloadable in zip files. Being part of a larger stable of studios you also get access to content from 16 sister sites such as all 7 Next Door sites, this means in total you have access to over 3000 movies! All the content is dated so you can see when it was uploaded and the site updates twice weekly.


The guys features are mostly lean to ripped jocks in their early to mid 20’s, but there are plenty of younger twinks and hairier older guys thrown into the mix. If you like your guys to be handsome and clean cut this site will definitely appeal. There are a few fresh faces, but most of the guys are established porn stars such as Jack Hunter, Alex Tanner and Markie More. In total the site features over 100 guys, so your not going to get bored of the pairings the site makes.

Moving on to the content, if your looking for a site that purely delivers bareback action, your not going to be disappointed as there isn’t a condom in sight! All the scenes end up with amazing scenes of cum soaked asses, and many feature proper breeding scenes. One of the things I like is that each scene works around a nice little story. Whether its a horny room mate seducing his buddy, or a horny guy cheating on his wife, the site does think trough its content to make up some very horny scenes. As mentioned earlier the scenes are all quite long, which means they take their time with the action and building the atmosphere. This results in very hot content that is so much more intense than a lot of other sites.


Its hard to choose a scene to focus on for this review as all the guys and the scenes are so damn hot. In fact I couldn’t find a single scene that I could criticise! One of the scenes did stand out as particularly good is called Rental Romp, starring Alex Tanner and Charlie Pattinson. Charlie is just renting a room for the night whilst in town and checks in with Alex who has a room to rent. From the start its clear to see Alex has some other ideas. Charlie goes out to run some errands, but when he returns he finds Alex has been snooping and is sniffing Charlie’s worn undies. Alex makes sure now he is rumbled he takes care of Charlie’s every need. Before long Charlie is sliding his thick hard cock inside Alex’s hairy ass, and pounds him from every angle!


So, I think its clear I loved checking out Next Door Raw! With its well constructed stories, high quality filming and stunning guys the site delivers a quality of porn that is way above many of its competitors. The focus on bareback sex is something I love, and its nice to find a site where I’m assured a horny and raw scene. With the twice weekly updates and access to thousands of scenes from the wider network the site gives you fantastic value for money. I guess the final decision is down to you, but I would definitely recommending checking this site out, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.


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