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Breeding makes the boy cum at Young Bastards

At Young Bastards Nico has no chance of escaping, and in seconds he’s on his knees and has young dom Felix’s cock bulge rubbing in his face. Felix teases the boy with his package before slamming his hard and wet dick between the boy’s lips. Nico does his best to please his master but he knows he’s going to have to submit fully to his demands. After gagging on his dick the boy is made to stand, like a piece of meat hanging for Felix to play with. His smooth little cheeks are too sexy to ignore and with some good slaps Felix makes them glow red and sore. That’s only the start of the torment. His big bare boner is soon slipping up there, filling him up with his leaking meat. Felix pulls out and spurts, but the dom boy isn’t done. He slams his cock right back inside, breeding the sub with the last of his cream and making young Nico bust out his own hot splashing mess over his smooth body.

Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex

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