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Filling Young Victims Spanked Ass at Young Bastards

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Young Bastards Has innocent twink boy Nico who's wrists are cuffed and has no option but to obey as he's chained up to the pillar. Felix knows what he wants, wasting no time tugging down those pants and getting to work with the leather paddle. He's a mean dominator, but although Nico cries out his big cock is rigid with pleasure while Felix slaps his cheeks and spanks his big dick against him. The boy is completely at the mercy of the hung twink master, made to suck that rigid meat and finally take every solid inch of that bareback prong up his hole. Felix just uses a little spit and he's cramming his cock into that tight little fuckhole, using his boy for his own pleasure. When he releases young Nico it's only to fuck the cum out of him on his back and make him ride his raw meat, finally showering his captive with his big spewing load.

Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex
Young bastards rough sex

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