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Lewis Gives Christian a Helping Hand at Badpuppy

Over at Badpuppy Christian Hermes is pleased when Lewis Konnor shows up to give him a massage. He quickly strips down to his underwear and lies down on the sofa. Lewis straddles Christian and begins rubbing his back and shoulders. He pulls off Christian's underwear, grabs the oil and applies a generous amount to Christian's back. Lewis stops to focus on Christian's ass, slowly teasing his hole with his fingers. Christian's cock begins showing signs of life and Lewis grabs ahold. Lewis continues the massage, working down Christian's legs and feet. Lewis grabs Christian's feet and begins rubbing them on his crotch, teasing his own cock. He has Christian roll over and Christian's uncut cock is pretty much rock-hard, ready for its massage. Lewis applies some oil and begins stroking Christian's long, thick shaft with both hands. He teases Christian's cock-head with his fingers and Christian starts tweaking his own nipples as he gets into the stimulation. Lewis begins pumping Christian's cock faster when he notices Christian's balls all but disappear. Christian's entire body goes rigid as he blows a thick load of jizz coating his ripped abs and leaving Lewis' hand dripping with cum.

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