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Pumped With Raw Thick Boy Meat at Spritzz

Spritzz is with Sam who has his pal Pierce over for a very playful photoshoot but you can tell from the big bulges in their tight little white underwear that these two friends won’t be finished until their semen is splashing from their aching boners. Sam’s raw thick boy meat is an incredible sight, it’s no wonder cute Pierce wants to suck on the hard length the moment it’s out of his cotton enclosure. The feast of dick slurping has them oozing precum in each other’s mouths and the rubbing of cock against cock in some playful frotting is a great way for Sam to get access to that tight little hole. Once inside he’s soon pounding his fit young pal with his naked penis, his girthy meat filling the boy up as he rams it deep and hard, taking them both to a couple of jerked out cummy eruptions that leave young Pierce with his cute face dripping wet with warm semen.

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Friends: GayDemon

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