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Seeding In The Woods at Spritzz

Spritzz boy Charlie won’t catch much sun with his bare buns out under the shade of the tree, but it seems that’s not what he’s hoping to catch at all. As he dreams of a woodland encounter the delicious shape of handsome Rudy comes into view, his pink cock swinging and his bare plump ass bouncing. Discovering young camper Charlie laying naked on the blanket he can’t help himself. With a taste of Charlie’s engorged inches and a lick of his luscious hole the mysterious young man eases his naked cock inside, filling the camping boy with his raw length and spooning him while Charlie wanks. After a pause for Rudy’s big curved boner to be lovingly slurped our greedy bottom is ready for round two, rammed from behind and riding his fantasy friend while his own dick bursts with creamy pleasure, sending streams of semen gushing over his smooth body. Wild boy Rudy finishes in the best way, pumping his seed all over the freshly plowed hole and plunging his leaking rod in deep, leaving more than just a memory behind.

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