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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Russian Captured Boys


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Updated March 2020

30 days membership - $25.00 (Recurring)

90 days membership - $70.00 (Non-Recurring)


Russian Captured Boys has been around for some time, but has quite a low profile on the net, so you may not have come across it before. This site promises us Russian sportsmen, military recruits and college students being bound, interrogated and tortured. The site is generally not focused on sex, focusing entirely on the domination and punishment of the guys. Over recent years the site has change to include more nudity and around 30% of the scenes now feature naked slaves. So this inquiring mind was keen to see if the site can deliver...


Design wise the site is nothing unusual, it has a nice layout with clear images of the scenes on offer and the navigation is easy. It would be nice to have a search function as there are 120 scenes available and it would be good to be able to sort these by the kind of torture or theme. Each of the exclusive videos is accompanied by a picture gallery of up to 300 images and I found both the movies and pictures to be very good quality.


The site offers two forms of membership, monthly subscription at $25.00 for 30 days or individual sets at $9.00 a scene which includes a video and the photo file for download. My only quibble with the site so far is the poor translations from Russian to English. While this does not make the site any less usable it does impact on the credibility in my opinion.

Once into the members area we can get a good look at the content and the models. The guys featured are in their late teens and twenties, toned and athletic in build as promised and they all look pretty handsome with those smoldering Russian looks.


The scenes focus heavily on the restraint and punishment of these daring guys who are featured as rebels and criminals in the custody of the draconian torturers. There are plenty of floggings, bondage and some very intense scenes with electric shocks and torture (check out the very hot scenes with Samvel). There are also some interesting scenes where guys are forced to dance, pose and struggle against their ropes for the camera.


Around a third of the content features these sexy guys in the nude. The rest of the content has guys in shorts, underwear or speedo's. Regardless of the guys state of dress the site delivers very erotic content, and some of the guys look genuinely roughed up and exhausted at the end of their ordeals. I will say that this site is not aiming to please those of you who may like a bit of spanking and some fluffy handcuffs! This is hardcore bondage, BDSM and torture. This type of kink is not going to be for everyone, but for true lovers of bondage and domination this is going to be a rare treat.


While the site does have a few issues, I am generally impressed with the quality and the content. It is nice to see a site that shows off the Russian guys to their fullest without the usual bad sets, poor content and frankly ugly models. The payment options are good and represent good value for money, especially for people who don't want to sign up to a monthly subscription. New content is added every week so the archive should grow well in the future.


I was slightly skeptical that the site could deliver what it promised considering the lack of nudity or sex, but the producers have managed to deliver hardcore and erotic fetish content. Unlike most other sites in this fetish the site does not try and soften the content, its about as hardcore as you will find anywhere! I think this site has a very bright future, and if you are looking for something more depraved than the usual "kink" sites, your going to love this!


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