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GayOnlyPorn's Review of - Spank This


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Reviewed June 2020

30 days membership - $24.95 (Recurring)

90 days membership - $79.95 (Non-Recurring)

365 days membership - $249.95 (Non-Recurring)




Spank This is a long standing fetish site featuring mostly jock on boy spanking, discipline and corporal punishment. The site is owned by the producers behind Helix Studios, and is one of the largest sites focusing on gay spanking and discipline on the web. With scenes revolving around older brothers, kinky boyfriends, coaches, dominant jocks and daddies this site offers something special those who like to see smooth twinks getting their firm asses spanked.

The site itself is well laid out and very easy to navigate. All the scenes can be found either by model, or scene the site also offers full movies for instant viewing. Spank This offers over 600 individual scenes and almost 100 full length movies packed with exclusive content. Scenes and movies are available to download in MP4 format and in a variety of quality levels from full HD to lower quality to suit your device. Newer videos are good quality, but older videos are not as good quality which this is a common issue with sites that have been around for some time. Each scene comes with a set of good quality pictures that can viewed in a slide show, downloaded individually or in a zip file. The updates on the site is not dated, but it appears a new scene is added each month and membership also allows members access to Helix Studios.

The guys on the site are mostly slender, smooth and cute 18 - 20 year old twinks, but there are also several lean and slightly older jock or college type guys and a few daddies. There are over 200 models featured on the site, so no lack of variety. You will probably recognise many of the models from other porn sites as there are big names like Travis Stevens, Luke Wilder and Blake Mitchell. The younger guys are generally on the receiving end of the spankings, but the site does mix things up nicely. 

As far as the content goes most of the spanking is by hand, but we also see some boys getting punished with belts and paddles. I will just make it clear that this site features nothing to kinky or hardcore. There are plenty of glowing ass cheeks and some light bondage but this is a great site for those into mild spanking fun. As the focus of this site is on the spanking sex isn’t the main focus of the scenes (however the membership to Helix Studios covers this). The scenes are well filmed and unlike many other spanking sites this one has a very professional feel to it. Its also nice to see younger attractive guys getting adventurous and trying out a bit of kink.

In the scene Sorry Ass which stars Max Carter and Taylor Colman we get a good taste of what this site is about.Tall jock Max is pissed at being stood up by his cute plaything Taylor. He storms into Taylor's room to find the sexy twink fast asleep on his bed wearing only his tight grey shorts. Max swiftly wakes Taylor with a sharp smack to his ample ass. A sleepy Taylor apologises to Max, but that isn’t going to cut it. Max drags Taylor to the edge of the bed and decides to teach his lazy boy a lasting lesson. 


As Max spanks Taylors meaty ass cheeks Coleman apologises for his behaviour, but Max isn’t one for letting his boys off lightly. He commands his boy to shed his underwear and we can already see Taylor's smooth ass is rosey red. Max continues to spank his boys ass with his large hands, prising open his ass cheeks to give us flirting glimpses at the boys ass hole. Taylor, laid face down with his handsome face buried in the pillow clenches his ass in anticipation of each free slap and continues to apologise and yelp with each crack of Max’s hand. Max is clearly enjoying teaching this lesson, and he kneads the Carters bright red ass cheeks like dough, grabbing fistfuls of Taylor’s meaty butt as . 


After a long and erotic spanking session Max asks his pretty boy how many more spanks he thinks he deserves. By now Taylor’s ass is glowing and looks super tender. Taylor thinks four more slaps is enough, but Max disagrees and doles out six final hard strikes while making Taylor count them down. Max reminds his boy of the reason he has been punished before ordering him to get dressed. Taylor pulls his Calvin’s up as the scene ends, giving us a final view of that meaty, apple red ass.


I really enjoyed this site as it offers a fresh and accessible platform for spanking. You can’t help but admire the sexy models and the site does not go into the more hardcore elements of this kink. Each scene has believable story and is well filmed to make the most of the cute bubble butt twinks, and the dominant guys doing the spanking. With access to Helix Studios the site also offers great value for money and a huge amount of content. So if you have ever been curious about spanking a bad boys ass or seeing naughty twinks getting some discipline, I would certainly recommend checking this site out.


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