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Updated March 2020

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SpunkWorthy was set up in 1999 by a guy called Jason who used to work for mainstream porn companies as a talent scout. He soon realised that the porn companies are after a specific look all the time, but those sexy frat boys, military men, skaters and surfers that you see all over the streets every day often get overlooked. So Jason started to recruit his own guys, mostly straight and with a much different look to the bulk of other porn sites.


The layout of the site straight forward to navigate with a simple menu showing scenes, models and pictures. There is access to additional behind the scenes content including auditions, prep work and extra footage (don’t overlook this section, there is some great content!) The site also has a shop area where you can buy DVD’s and T shirts. At the time of this review (September 2017) there were 492 individual scenes, 390 picture galleries each showing 20 – 30 high quality pictures of the model. The site features around 250 different guys. The film quality of all the content is generally very good with the scenes available to stream or download in HD quality. Photo content is also very good, and the sets are available to download as a zip file. As is common some of the older content is not as crystal clear as the newer scenes, but being fair, it is a lot better than most sites.


So, back to the guys. You certainly wont be finding many of your typical porn site clones here. There are plenty of hairy chests, tattoos, and a fair few scruffy beards. The guys vary in body type from slender surfer types through to more husky military men. Most of the models are mid to late 20’s. For me its a breath of fresh air to see a site focus on your more typical guy next door as this regular look tends to get overlooked by most producers. What is also nice to see is a site that delivers on its claim that the models are straight! These guys aren’t looking for a career in porn, but are earning a little extra cash or scratching that itch of curiosity. This also adds a nice air of nerves to some of the scenes, and you can really tell the guys and the site are genuinely quite nervous at times. This is accentuated by the surroundings and the filming style, which has a certain style and intimacy often lost by the bigger studios.

Moving on to the content, the scenes are have a mix of solo jerk off, helping hand and erotic massage. Some of the more adventurous guys plump for a blow job, mutual jack off or even full on sex with another guy. The scenes all have a nice introduction where we get to hear a bit about the guy, his background and why he has chosen to be on the site. Once the chat is over the guys get undressed for us and start to get down to action. Each scene is well filmed and the camera really focuses on the cock, body and face of the guys. There is no annoying background noise and you are really drawn into the scene with plenty of close up’s and good angles. Obviously each scene ends in a delicious cum shot which is captured from a variety of angles.


I have seen a lot of so called “straight guy” sites and more often than not they are feature guys who I recognize from other porn sites, they can be quite mechanical in their content and they just want to rush the action to a cum shot. With Spunkworthy I can honestly say your in for a new experience! The models are well chosen and really do match up to that ambition Jason had of featuring models who remind us of the guy you swooned over in your local store. The interviews are long enough to give you an insight into the model, but not so long your fast forwarding to the action. And, most importantly for me, I do believe they are genuinely straight. The back story, the visible nerves and the atmosphere created during the scene all come together to deliver a great experience. With an overall score of 92 out of 100 Spunkworthy is definitely a site you need to check out if your looking for genuine straight men, horny content and enough material to keep you occupied for a long time!


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