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10 days membership - $15.00 (Non-Recurring)

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30 days membership - $25.95 (Non-Recurring)

Updated March 2020


This site is no longer updating



I would wager that if any of you have a VR headset, be it a simple one or something more fancy the novelty has worn off and its now sat in a drawer. Well its time to dust it off, or treat yourself as the guys at VRB Gay have made something a lot more interesting than a virtual rollercoaster ride! VR porn is the new kid in town promising immersive action, 3D content and super high quality filming that puts you right in the action with some of the hottest porn models around. So lets have a look and see if this new site lives up to the hype.


The first thing you notice about this site is just the amazing quality. The design is modern and clear with huge previews of each scene. One of the sites big selling points is the quality of their content, and from a layout and style point of view this seems to be there from the moment you land. The navigation is pretty straight forward with a top menu linking to the App (I will explain later), models, videos and a blog. The site has no bonus content, which to be honest I don’t mind as I always think this is a distraction from a sites own content.


The model page has one of the best layouts I have seen, and actually delivers a really good bio of each model along with stats, social media links and info on the scenes they star in. The video menu lists all the scenes available, and again these are clearly displayed and have great graphics. At the time of this review the site had 30 scenes ranging from 20 to 35 minutes long and the site appears to update about once a week. Each scene also has a photo set that accompanies the scene, although individual pictures can be downloaded there is no zip file option. In terms of quality you would be hard pushed to find better. The scenes are filmed in 4K and 3D, so while you might not get the full benefit on older devices they are still crystal clear. The movies are downloadable or streaming and I would advise choosing the best quality you can, this may mean big file downloads or slightly slower loading, but its well worth it for the best experience.


In terms of the viewing, you can watch the scenes on a normal PC and you can scroll around and zoom to a certain extent, but you don’t get the full effect. To enjoy this site fully you will need a VR headset. These are readily available and you don’t need to spend more than $30.00 for something decent. The set up is pretty easy and you can also download the sites free App which just makes the whole experience smoother. 


Now I will confess to being sceptical about this whole VR experience. As I sat putting my headset on I did ask myself if this was just a step too far in my quest for the best porn! However I have to say the experience is pretty amazing! Each scene gives you the best position to view so you can get the best experience. With the ability to look round and with the 3D effect you do actually feel like your right in there! I was amazed as I could look up at a hot top looking down on me as if he was about to fuck me, or watching from a voyeurs position on some of the other scenes. 

Enough about the technical stuff, lets get onto the guys and the sex. You will recognise many of the models as the site features some of the hottest names in gay porn. Models like Alex Mecum, Wesley Woods, Jeffrey Lloyd and Dom Ully are amongst the men. Mostly the guys on the site range from their early 20’s to their early 40’s, so a nice mix of guys. If you like your guys more buff and slightly hairy, this site should suit you down to the ground. The content has a mix of bareback and condom scenes but does stick to more vanilla action of fucking, sucking, rimming and the odd threesome or jerk off scene. One thing you will notice about the filming is that the models are actually interacting with the viewer in many of the scenes. With the headset on and your ear plugs in, it is pretty much as near to the the action as you can get on your own.

Needless to say in the pursuit of a thorough review I watched a few scenes and I have to say they were all hot, made better by the amazing sound and immersive experience. The Hangover, starring Jeffrey Lloyd did stand out as one of my favourites scenes. The POV view is from you laying there in bed with Jeffrey, who naturally has the urge to service your cock. As you look down on your new and perfect body, Jeffrey starts off sucking your cock and kissing your body. As the scene goes on Jeffrey thrusts his perfect ass in your face, parting his cheeks almost daring you to dive in there and rim him deeply. He soon mounts your hard cock, riding you deep and bare, before swapping positions to fuck you. After swapping back to riding your cock, he climbs off and finishes you off with a great blow job where you cum all over his face. 

So, what can I say about this site in conclusion? Well the only negative I can pick out is the limited content, but every site has to start somewhere and new scenes do seem to be getting added more regularly in recent months. I think its also fair to say the price point of the site reflects the amount of content, less than $20 per month is a sensible price. Overall I have to say the site exceeded my expectations. The quality of the scenes and the whole VR experience is so much more than a gimmick. The technology works well and I can assure you that this site will take your porn viewing experience to a whole new level! The quality of the scenes combined with the immersive sound is pretty much out this world. Its more than just a porn film, the scenes are filmed with you in mind, so the models are effectively interacting with you much of the time. So, if your tired of the usual porn land narrative, get yourself onto Amazon, buy a headset and give this site a go, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this new experience!


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