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Updated March 2020

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William Higgins has been directing gay porn films since 1979 and is one of the true pioneers of gay porn. He has since produced over 140 full length movies. His films have won several Grabby awards and he is in the GayVN Awards Hall of Fame. He has had an online presence for over 15 years and has been showcasing the handsome and lithe guys of the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe ever since. So lets have a look at the site and see what’s in store!


William Higgins has a nice feel to it with a good layout and crisp high quality graphics. Navigation is straightforward with the ability to see the content by updates, category, models and popular scenes. I will add straight away that the sheer amount of content is quite astounding, but this can also make finding scenes a little more difficult until you get used to the layout. I’m not going to say this is a bad thing, just a an observation. At the time of this review there were over 3000 individual scenes and well over 7000 photo sets with up to 100 high quality stills in each set. The site features too many models to actually count, but needless to say your not going to get bored of the same faces! The quality of all the content is very good to excellent with the scenes available to stream or download in a variety of qualities, including 4K. There are some download limits in the first month of membership, but they are generous and strike a good balance between allowing you to enjoy the site and protecting the content from pirates.


The actual content is divided into 15 categories, which sounds a lot, but I found it a clear way of getting straight to the type of scene you want easily, I will try and explain. Erotic solo and helping hand are either the guys jerking off or a guy getting jerked off. Session stills are literally the filmed photo sessions of the hot guys in various poses including the photo stills. Wank party features larger groups of 4, 5 and 6 guys wanking, sucking and fucking. Cherry busting and full contact are for the good old fashioned fuck scenes. Soft duos features more sensual scenes featuring more kissing, wanking and oral but no fucking. Casting and backstage are pretty self explanatory, but do have some great scenes of the guys auditions and the actual filming of the scenes.

The remaining categories have more of a kinky twist. Czech up includes Medical procedures and physical exams from some very horny doctors. Wrestling has the guys in tight singlet’s or shorts indulging in full on grapple matches, culminating in some fantastic jerk off scenes. Massage is as it sounds, with intimate scenes of the sexy guys getting oiled up, fingered and jerked off. Gonzo has a mix of gay for pay scenes with armature guys getting cash of the spot for sex and some self filming sessions. Kink is exactly what you would expect with a variety of bondage, spanking and some rough or forced sex. There is a category named fetish boutique, but to be honest I couldn’t figure out the theme there as it seemed to be a compilation of other scenes.


Moving on to the guys and the sex, this is where William Higgins really hits the heights of top notch porn. The guys are particularly well chosen and all of them are stunning looking with toned bodies, meaty uncut cocks and devastating European looks. We are mostly looking at 18-25 year old guys, usually smooth and clean cut, but there is the odd wild card in there. The scenes are set in great locations and the filming stands for its lingering shots, close ups and there is never a bit of action missed. The site does do a good job when it comes to matching models up and in all the scenes I watched there was a definite chemistry between the guys which really intensifies the hornyness. Scenes are filmed in a variety of locations, indoors, outdoors, in gyms, bedrooms and pretty much anywhere you can fuck, and most of the content is bare back, which I prefer.


I don’t think I can really emphasise just how good this site is in a one page review. the quality of the content is outstanding and the sheer quantity and variation of the scenes is streets above most of the competition. The almost daily updates also make the site outstanding value for money. The guys are selected by a true master and are a showcase for those gorgeous uncut European twinks we all love. With a category to please most porn surfers I have to rate William Higgins as one of the best on the internet and urge you all to check it out.....I’m pretty sure you wont be disappointed!


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