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Reviewed March 2020


Brother Crush is a brand new site brought to us by the producers of Family Dick, Young Perps and Mormon Boyz. Launched in November 2018 this site has a focus on the family incest fetish, so if you have ever fantasised about brothers getting down and dirty together this site is is going to be right up your street! So let’s have a closer look at this new site and see how this site does exploring this taboo fetish!


The site layout is pretty straight forward with the scenes and options clearly visible. As I mentioned this is new site with just over 70 scenes, however updates are being added weekly so this number is growing steadily, and while the amount of scenes is limited at the moment, everyone needs to start somewhere. 


The content is well filmed and being a new site means that all the scenes are of the same good quality. All scenes are available to stream and download and a variety of quality options are available (1080HD, 720P, 640P & 360P). Each scene has a photo file to accompany it, others don’t, but the photos that are available are very good quality and downloadable as a zip file. The videos I watched were a good length, with each scene lasting 35-45 minutes.

So, lets get down to the guys and the action! The guys are all pretty good looking and range from 18 for the younger brothers up to late twenties for the older brothers and step brothers. All the content is bareback, and the site isn't rigid about the tops pulling out for the money shot, so if you like a to see a cute twink with his hole getting cream-pied, your in for a treat! The only think I'm not keen on is the POV style of filming. I think the fact that you only see the bottom getting fucked, or sucking detracts from the dynamic of the incest element, However I have spoken with the producers who have confirmed going forward the filming will not be POV.

The scenes focus on a horny scenario between the siblings such as their first wank, comparing cock size or a dominant older brother using his younger sibling to get off. One of the hottest scenes is called 'Is it normal to have wet dreams?' This scene feature two cute young guys in their bedroom chilling out. The younger brother is embarrassed, but asks his older brother if it's normal to cum in his sleep. The older brother then explains how he can avoid this by jerking off. The inexperienced brother has never done this, so needs some instruction. As the smooth young guy gets hard his older brother lends him a hand and starts jerking him, getting his own cock out so they can do it together. As both guys get hornier and harder the older brother thinks its a good idea to give the young lad a full lesson in sex, and before long he is sliding his bare cock up the innocent younger guys virgin ass. after a slow and passionate fuck the top gets closer to cumming, and ultimately breeds his young sibling, leaving him with a hole full of cum!


Overall Brother Crush is a great new site. The content is original and appears to be good quality. This site dares to explore a fetish category that few other sites cover, and I always like to see a site that pushes a few boundaries. The stories and scenes I have watched were super hot, and if if you ever had a fantasy involving siblings, your going to be in heaven on this site! While the amount of content isn’t huge at the moment this will change quickly with the weekly update schedule, and to be honest the reasonable price of the site does reflect the content level. 


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