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Updated May 2020

30 days membership - $17.87 (Recurring)

180 days membership - $69.00 (Non-Recurring)

360 days membership - $95.87 (Non-Recurring)


Latin Leche is  a relative newcomer to the gay porn scene, and brought to us by the producers of Family Dick, Young Perps and Mormon Boyz. Launched in early 2018 this site has a focus on Latin guys, specifically the ones who are short on money. The story revolves around the camera man, who posing as a documentary maker in Buenos Aires, Argentina befriends cute local guys. He soon turns the conversations to sex and offers the guys money to jerk off on camera. However once he gets the guys naked the camera man is after much more, and more money is on offer for blow jobs and fucking.  So let’s have a closer look at this new site and see how far these guys are willing to go!


The site layout is pretty straight forward with the scenes and options clearly visible. As I mentioned this is new site so at the time of this review there are 111 scenes available. Updates are being added weekly so this number is growing steadily, and while the amount of content is limited at the moment, everyone needs to start somewhere. The only niggles I have with the layout is that ads for third party sites are very prominent and distract from the content and the mix of colours made some text hard to read.


The content is well filmed and being a new site means that all the scenes are of the same good quality. All scenes are available to stream and download and a variety of quality options are available (1080HD, 720P, 640P & 360P). Some scenes have photo, others don’t, but the photos that are available are very good quality and downloadable as a zip file. The videos I watched were a good length, with each scene lasting 35-45 minutes.

So, lets get down to the guys and the action! The guys are your typical Latin late teen/early 20 something guys, most have some facial hair, but they all have those sexy dark eyes, and alluring Latin look, and these guys have some mighty impressive uncut cocks. The guys mostly claim to be straight, and fortunately they are all broke! Each scene starts with the camera man making some small talk to get the conversation going before moving on to some more personal questions. Before long the money comes out, which keeps the guys interested as he tries to talk them into jerking off on camera as part of a documentary. But as mentioned earlier as the clothes come off the camera man wants more, tempting the guys to leave their comfort zone for bigger wads of cash. With the offer of a weeks wages, these hard up guys are soon sucking the camera mans dick, or taking his hard cock up their ass. One thing that adds to the feel of this site is that the guys don’t go back to nice hotel rooms or staged apartments, most of the scenes are filmed in what looks like empty buildings or alley ways.


I can certainly recommend scene called ‘Numero 6’, which features a good looking, unemployed straight guy who is picked up in a park. Initially he is not keen on talking about any personal information and walks off when asked if he fucks his girlfriend up the ass. However with a hint of the extra cash the guy goes along with the request to jerk off. Retreating from public to a run down apartment the guy strips off to reveal a slender, tight body, hairy legs and a huge cut cock! As our nameless guy starts to jerk off you can tell he is uncomfortable, the request from the camera man to finger his ass looks like it will be the final straw, but with the flash of another thick wad of cash the guy relents and lets his hairy ass get fondled and fingered. Before long our “straight guy” is sucking the camera mans thick cock and taking the raw meat up his tight ass. The scene culminates in both guys shooting thick loads and our reluctant star looking rather satisfies, if not embarrassed!  


Overall Latin Leche is a great new site. The content is original and appears to be good quality. With its Latin twist on the theme of convincing guys to explore their sexuality for cash the site has refreshed a common theme of many websites. While the amount of content isn’t huge at the moment this will change quickly with the weekly update schedule, and to be honest the reasonable price of the site does reflect the content level. 


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