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Breeding My Boy's Little Hole at Gaycest

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Gaycest is catching up with horny boy Ian who needs some love from daddy. Ian is up to old tricks, crawling into bed with daddy before the lights are out and curling up against his dad. Ian presses his perfect butt into Mr. Landon's naked package and the man takes the bait, peeling his son's briefs off and pressing his fat cock against his soft, round ass cheeks. Ian rolls onto his stomach so daddy can tongue his little pink pucker. When the man presses his cock against Ian's hole, it slides in gently but he's soon thrusting harder. Mr. Landon's cock is the width of Ian's wrist, and Ian's hole tightens as he grinds down onto it in reverse cowboy. The glossy head of Ian's cock lets out a steady stream of creamy white cum on his dad's legs until the boy can barely keep himself upright.

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